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What to Watch on Thanksgiving Day November 25, 2009

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…when you’re baking, of course, or not watching football.  For example, I watch while I am in the kitchen.  Until my husband takes over, that is.  Luckily, I was smart enough to schedule all kinds of goodies to record, or I own seasons of many shows that include a Thanksgiving episode.

Here are some of those gems:


1.  Friends Thanksgiving re-runs.  They’ve been airing all week so far, but at least a few are available to record tonight if you are able.  Here in Denver, the channels for it are TBS in the afternoon and CW late-night.


2.  Chuck — season 1, “Chuck Versus the Nemesis”.  Chuck and Ellie do Thanksgiving, along with some guests, Sarah’s ex returns, and Black Friday at the Buy More is an even bigger disaster than usual. 


3.  Gossip Girl — season 1, “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”.  The tension at the dinner table at the Humphrey house is likely to rival that of the upcoming T-Day episode set to air next Monday.  Plus, we get flashbacks to determine how those crazy kids came to be.


4.  Top Chef Thanksgiving Special — last year they aired this and I think it reruns tomorrow at something like 8am.  Maybe you’ll get some last-minute cooking ideas?


5.  Garfield’s Thanksgiving.  Now, this is a special one because I own the Garfield Holiday movie set.  Soooo while I may be fortunate enough to pop in a DVD, maybe it can be found on cable if you hunt around a bit.


Am I missing anything?  Are you a Charlie Brown fan?  Do you start watching Christmas movies on Turkey Day?  More power to you!  I don’t turn my nose up at anyone’s holiday traditions.  Whatever you watch and whomever you watch with, enjoy it!


A Theory on Dexter October 19, 2009

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If you are not caught up on Dexter as of the October 18th episode, I recommend you stop right now before reading this.  Because someone died, and I think I know who that someone’s killer was.  It was of serious debate at water cooler time for the past week, and now I’m going to share my theory with you all.




Kim & Big Papa Split! October 14, 2009

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Well, it sure is tough to be engaged to a man that’s married to someone else, lives with that person, and has six kids…isn’t it?  Kim sure didn’t seem to think so, and is still calling Papa “the love of her life.”  So what happened? 


Obviously, he kicked her ass to the curb.  Watching Kim spend all season racking up charges on her mysterious Black MasterCard (you can only get one if you spend $250k per year) and claiming Papa doesn’t pay for it — uhhh, who are we kidding here, really, Kim? — you have to assume she wouldn’t ditch that money train a second time around. 


Good luck finding another guy to pick up the slack of a Mercedes, an Escalade, a Bentley, pink diamond bracelets and loads of other jewelry, including an engagement ring the size of my knuckle.  Not to mention the shopping sprees for her chub offspring and the townhouse she lives in.  The woman has no income, people!  How else can she afford these things unless she pays with her vagina?


Nip/Tuck is Sexy/Back October 13, 2009

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Editor’s Note: whoops!  This doesn’t premiere until Wednesday, Oct. 14 (tomorrow).  My bad!  I’m used to it being on Tuesday….


It returns tonight, and I know I’m not the only one who feels like the wait is eternal in between seasons.  Honestly, I probably should have stopped watching this show ages ago because it is so line-crossing that sometimes even I have a hard time watching (and I’m about the least PC person you’ll ever meet). 


This year, the recession hits the business and the boys have to downsize.  I’m so done with “the economy is for shit” storylines.  I’m not going to pretend that the economy has affected the rich THAT much — they had better stock portfolios than me before the recession, and they’ll have better ones after. 


Last season Christian got married to Liz.  And (SPOILER ALERT) they’re already heading for divorce.  I know Christian’s supposed to be great in the sack, but I don’t think he’s so good he’ll turn a lesbian.  Anyway, tune in tonight (times vary dpeending on your feed but mine is at 11pm) since this is the next-to-last season.


My Cable’s Back!!! October 6, 2009

Yesterday was a bad day.  My cable and internet went down for 12 hours — yes, 12 hours.  I had to go to my mom’s to watch Gossip Girl (it was kinda lame, and Tyra Banks is probably the worst actress to ever be on that show).  I missed the finale of Rachel Zoe Project altogether (got to catch that tonight) and at 10pm I was finally able to watch Sunday night’s episode of Dexter.


But tonight is going to be better, I can already feel it.  The Hills but not The City (Roxy and Olivia frighten me), Flipping Out, and the rerun of Rachel Zoe Project.  No DWTS or Biggest Loser, but I can promise I’ll be putting up a Biggest Loser recap courtesy of guest author Mini Diva, who gladly fills my shoes in that department.


Also, now that I have Showtime, I have to catch up on Weeds and start watching Californication.  I’m hearing that the latter is a winner.


Yikes, E! October 4, 2009

New show coming up on Oct. 11: Leave it to Lamas.


You may recall Shane Lamas, the contestant who won the heart of British Bachelor Matt in the London Calling season.  Or perhaps you know Lorenzo Lamas, the dumb jock Tom in Grease, Vince Black on Renegade, or more recently, Hector on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Well, their family got their own show.  Following the popular if not questionable antics of Keeping up with the Kardashians, E! has done it again (and they’re re-using the alliteration technique, too!)

I may not be able to resist.  You know I love the crappiest TV shows, and this one looks right up my alley!  Click HERE to see a trailer and visit the official page on the E! website.


AJ of Real Housewives Dead After Bar Fight

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Maybe I don’t much care for Kandi, mostly because of her friendship with ridiculous Kim, but that certainly doesn’t mean I would wish death upon her fiancee.  After being hit in the head in a fight outside an Atlanta strip club last night, AJ has died.  Conflicting reports exist — US Magazine broke the story with the headline referring to him as the ex-fiance, while People and her publicist still referred to him as Kandi’s fiancee.  This leads me to believe that perhaps they break up during the season.  We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, pray for his 6 children and 3 baby mommas.