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Another US Cover?! August 12, 2009

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Jillian and Ed are still making headlines, and who knows if they’re basking in the attention or groaning at the thought of more dirty laundry being made public.  I’ve read some snippets of the article online and it produces an interesting conundrum for me; after last week’s article, I think he’s scum.  And I think Jill is a poor idiot for choosing to believe him over two other women who it seems are being totally honest.  There’s picture evidence of Ed at that wedding with Girlfriend 1, and I’m sure there’s proof of those texts via phone records if she chose to take it that far.  But she maintains that they’re making all of this up.


Now we have other contestants from the show coming forward to say they supposedly knew he had a girlfriend.  As a Microsoft consultant, he was given access to his laptop and phone at all times while other guys weren’t.  He abused that power, that’s for sure.  But with all the brouhaha with Jake and Wes and Tanner P and everything else, you’re telling me that some of these men knew he had a girlfriend and didn’t speak up until now?  I don’t think so.  They all had their two cents for Wes and were quick to call him out behind camera, but no one has ever pointed a figure at Ed until now. 


Some of the guys say they knew something was shady about him and they didn’t choose to interact with him much; yet they all just sat around with the stupid fucking bro code and said nothing?  Psh!  They’re all in it to win it, too.  I for one think they’re coming forward now because they want their 15 minutes.  It’s a little late, gents.  Your time has passed, and hopefully Ed’s soon will, too.


Ed Cheated? Pish Posh. August 6, 2009

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Update: crap, they really are making it seem like he cheated!  The article says he had sex with one of the girls 8 days after proposing to Jillian.  That seems risky.  Also, he told a different girl via text that he loved her.  Maybe I’ll try to keep the happiness alive by maintaining that I think it’s all bunk.  They didn’t let anyone else have a cell phone!  (at least, I don’t think…)  The problem with ABC’s production is that after Jason Mesnick’s kerfuffle is that nobody really knows what the hell is going on anymore.


US Weekly is really blowing this Ed & Jillian thing out of proportion.  Or it seems that way since I haven’t read the article, but the gist seems to be that while he was on the show, he was leading two girls on who he maybe did or didn’t see when he went back to Chicago for that very short one-week stint that was supposedly work-related.  Jillian’s response is that she was busy falling in love and dating other guys while also seeing Ed, so she’s not in a position to throw stones.

Despite not having lovely gooshy feelings towards Jillian personally during the season, I feel she is being rational and completely honest.  Who are these supposed ex-girlfriends, more famewhores?  Because it seems that the circumstances wouldn’t allow for him to be dating anyone while many states away in a (mostly) confined situation without phones or computer access.  I think these are two girls he was sleeping with probably up until he left for the show with no idea if he would return single or attached.  So sue the guy, he’s a 30-something with an active sex life.  Doesn’t mean he earned a cover of US.


Short Shorts and that Canadian Chick Still Going Strong July 29, 2009

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Honestly, all 3 men on After the Final Rose completely stole my heart.  And I’m more certain than ever that Jillian made the right decision with Ed, not only because he needs someone who loves him in “mankini” swim trunks who crosses his legs all the time, but also because they really do have good chemistry (you know, Fantasy Suite aside).

Some special moments included:

— Kiptyn told Jill that even though she was fishing for answers with him, he waited to say the things he did because he wanted to mean them.  Cue the chorus of “Awwwww”.

— Reid looking like he was literally going to bite his tongue off while debating whether or not to ask her the questions he desperately wanted to get off his chest.  He managed to get out a bit about the Fantasy Suite, to which Jillian looked stunned.

— Audience members asking Ed the two most pertinent questions: what exactly was up with those damn shorts, and are they having any bedroom issues now?  To which Jillian responded that their only problem in the bedroom is that they don’t have enough time in it, and that she loves his shorts and he recently purchased another, shorter, navy pair.  After which, Chris Harrison was the one who looked stunned.

— An audience member asking Reid out on a date.  As soon as she popped that question, he turned to Jillian, maybe looking to gauge her response or simply because it was a reflex for him.  I think he should have taken her up on it, she was cute!

— Jill and Ed saying that they’re moving in together in his place in Chicago on Sept. 1 and are looking at officially tying the knot in the next 12 months.

I have to say, they looked really happy together.  If she wanted love and she found it, it will remain to be seen that it’s lasting and that they will walk down the aisle.  Forgive me for being cynical, but after dozens of Bachelors and Bachelorettes alike having crossed the ABC finish line, only one has resulted in what appears to be the real deal.  Now, on to more important things: can we get both Reid and Kiptyn to sign up as new Bachelors?  They are both serious charmers and could pull in high ratings and melt hearts all at the same time.


Three Guys, One Rose, the Big Island and a Big Rock July 27, 2009

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Jillian's twin?  Or too much airbrushing?

Jillian's twin? Or too much airbrushing?

In minute one, I already have a serious problem.  What is with the men on this show being such awkward kissers?  First Kiptyn, then her and Ed meet up and have a miss-kiss.  Ed needs to butch it up in general, with the green short-shorts and lavender tank last ep, now the pink shirt, and the crossed legs all the time.  Sit with your legs apart!  Scratch your balls (assuming you have some)!  Man up your wardrobe and your mannerisms.

Ed meets the ‘rents.  Jillian makes him start by giving his history regarding leaving the show and coming back.  I’m just gonna throw this out there — that thing out there about ‘checking out the mother to see how the daughter will look in 30+ years’ is not going to work in Jill’s favor.  I can’t believe that skinny-ass Jillian came from this woman!  Ed tells her dad that he wants to propose and I thought he should have asked permission rather than just telling him.  I’m not buying it with Ed, I just don’t believe he’s taking all of this seriously.  If he was that into her, he never would’ve left in the first place.  Plus he may be gay.  Jury’s out on him.  Side note: Jilly’s whole fam = terrible at dancing.



And We Thought Women Were the Bitchier Gender… July 21, 2009

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Another Ed in short shorts

Another Ed in short shorts

There was so much whining and talk of bro code at last night’s Bachelorette: The Men Tell All that it left my head spinning.  First, Jillian took love advice from one of the Harlem Globetrotters, and his top pick was David.  So basically, he was totally useless.  Then we saw Ed having a really drunken convo with Jill, which was really funny.  At one point he basically mimicked the “boop” index finger to nose that was first exhibited in Superbad.

Reid was absent, which was somewhat unfortunate since I think the audience would have enjoyed hearing from him.  Then there were the rest of them, some not heard from much (such as Jesse, even though he was in the hometown date crew).  The three guys they focused on most were Wes — for obvious reasons — Jake, and David.  Which was silly.  David went home early, so I don’t think we needed to spend so much time talking about his failed attempts at making out with her and how he “disrespects women”.



Who Wears Short Shorts? 80s Ed Does! July 13, 2009

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Caution: this is not Ed. But it may as well have been.

As usual, I accidentally tuned in to only the last hour of tonight’s Bachelorette.  And it’s just my luck that as soon as it came on, I see Ed in what can only be described as a getup that would make Richard Simmons envious: kelly green swim trunks that look more like running shorts, and a lavender tank top.   Simply breathtaking.  What’s most meaningful about it is that he introduces Jillian to his parents wearing that.  Jillian has bellyached for the past two weeks about how she had not met Ed’s parents, so good ol’ boy Ed went ahead and flew them in.



Jillian Doesn’t Know Spanish, Does Know French [Kissing] July 6, 2009

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Jillian + Ed

Jillian + Ed

First, I’m laughing to report that over dinner in Spain with Kiptyn, Jillian made sure to mention Kiptyn’s “boys” and his pants being “tight in the crotch area.”  Yet she didn’t take him up on a fantasy suite offer.  What the mother trucker?  If she does it to one, she better do it with all of them.  But let’s catch up so far.  She talked for quite a while about the ‘connection’ she shares with each man.  She went on a dancing-dinner date with Kiptyn.  And then the bomb dropped.

Anyway, it’s time for the one on one dates and thus, the fantasy suite.  Does it mean — can it be — that we will learn the identity of the mysterious man with the ED?  Perhaps not, if she’s denying her suitors an opportunity at the goodies.  She does offer to let Kiptyn come up and cuddle.  Gee whiz, every man’s fantasy!  Based on their date and Kiptyn’s obvious reservations at giving a proposal at the end of the show, he’s as likely as the rest of ’em to go home tonight.  Even though he’s gorgeous, and clearly too good for her.