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MTV = Mindless Television November 12, 2009

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I doubt I originated that quip but it certainly is true.  You can easily zone out to The Hills, The City, and Real World Road Rules: The Ruins.  I can and I have so let’s talk about what’s happening on them!


On The Hills, dumb pretty Audrina decided that after last week’s meeting, Justin is clearly not over her and since we’ve always known that she isn’t over him, it seemed (to her) absolutely appropriate to have dinner with him and tell him they should get back together.  The only problem: Justin didn’t agree and insinuated that he’s still interested in Kristen since she “did something different to him”.  What, fingered his ass???  I bet Aud would do that for you, too, JB — you just need to ask! 


Then we have that dumbass Spencer, who decided he was so concerned that Heidi was going to get knocked up that he went to a vasectomy consultation.  He assumed it was totally reversible whenever he wanted it to be, but when the doctor told him they considered that to be permanent because a reversal doesn’t always work, he skedaddled the hell out of there.  When Heidi found out, though, she reminded him that he knew damn well she wanted babies when they got married so marrying her must have been a huge mistake.  His response: a loss for words, which almost never happens!




What to Set Your DVRs For This Week… September 28, 2009


Gossip Girl on the CW at 9:00

Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo at 8:00


Season Premiere of The Hills!  MTV at 8:30

Season Premiere of The City!  MTV at 9:00

Flipping Out on Bravo at 8:00


Season Premiere of Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins.  MTV @ 8

Top Chef Las Vegas on Bravo at 8

Cougar Town on ABC at 8:30

Eastwick on ABC at 9:00


Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo at 8

Project Runway on Lifetime at 8

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC at 8

The Office on NBC at 8

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX at 11


Entourage hour-long season finale on HBO at 8

Desperate Housewives on ABC at 8

Dexter on Showtime at 8

Brothers & Sisters on ABC at 9


NEW STUFF TONIGHT! September 23, 2009

I’m so glad that the time is finally here that all the shows I’ve been blogging about for the past few months have arrived.  Tonight is no exception, as a couple of things are on that I’ve been anticipating.


COUGAR TOWN — I’m gonna give it a shot.  Not sure if it’s a winner yet, but if not, it’s only 23 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. 


EASTWICK — Same deal.  I love Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle — her wardrobe was the best thing that show had going for it, and I wanted nearly every single thing she wore.  That aside, Rebecca Romijn still has some Mommy weight on (I think she began filming about 4-6 weeks after her twins were born) and it seems like the shows as a whole could be entertaining.  This one’s an hour, though, so prepare yourself for that.  I will of course record and zoom through commercials. 


DANCING WITH THE STARS — No, I’m not watching it this season, but I know enough to realize that the results show is this evening.  I didn’t think it was possible to extend the thing any longer, but they actually spread it into three nights for the premiere: Guy’s Night, Ladies’ Night, and Results Night.  Are you rooting for someone? 


As always, TOP CHEF LAS VEGAS is also on, and luckily Real World Cancun has ended so I have a week of freedom from MTV (until both The Hills and the new RW/RR Challenge begin next week).


Don’t forget to set your DVRs!


Real World Cancun: Threesomes to Hang-Ups in 2 Days August 26, 2009

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For Jonna, her life on Real World Cancun is kind of like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days but she’s doing all the things you’re supposed to do in order to keep a man on the hook.  Then again, she kind of gave away the milk for free…


 Let’s look at the facts:


 – She breaks up with her boyfriend, Matt, to hook up with Pat and not feel guilty about it.  Matt tells her that she is soulless.  She doesn’t care because she’s living it up with dudes on the reg.  She has Derek help her remove all evidence of her and Matt’s relationship from her room so when Pat looks up while he’s banging her, he no longer sees her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend staring down at him.  Most of the roommates support her to her face but make fun of her behind her back, saying she’s ruined a good thing for a douche like Pat.


— Ayiiia decides she wants Jonna and manages to finagle her way into a threesome with her and Pat.  He’s (obviously) totally down, but both girls regret it afterwards for various reasons.  Pat leaves the next day to return to Toronto.  She says she doesn’t know where things will go from here but that she’s questioning whether she had real feelings for him. 


— Somewhere in the midst of this, an extremely awkward double date takes place with JR, Jasmine, Jonna, and Pat.  Emilee plays the role of 5th wheel/referee as Pat and Jasmine make inappropriately rude statements to one another all throughout what looked to be a lovely rustic Italian feast.