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Locks of Love? In Atlanta, It’s Wigs for Wisdom. July 30, 2009

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With every season of Real Housewives, I find myself exclaiming, “Oh my God, these Housewives are the BEST franchise.”  Until another season starts, to which I again decide that ‘No, theeeeese ones are the best!’  And there’s a reason for that; because they’re each, in their own way, the very best.  Jersey has the best accents and the women who live up to the title of Housewife most appropriately, and they appear to have the most money.  Orange County has the most fake tits and most inappropriate attire for middle-aged women.  New York has Jill, who’s simply the best all on her own (I love me some Jill — even Bobby is the best).  And Atlanta is hands-down the best drama.

Now, Danielle brought drama.  As did Gretchen.  But each of the Hotlantas is really all about the drama.  Even Lisa, who I thought was immune.  But now she hates Kim.  And Sheree is over Kim.  And NeNe is the most willing to give Kim another shot, which means that NeNe has sure mellowed out since Season 1.



Real World Cancun: Relationships Tanking July 29, 2009

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“Baby I can’t wait to see you!”  Picture 15

“I love you, babe.”

“Yeah, baby.”


Jonna and her boyfriend are conflicted with a problem common amongst the youth of America these days — overuse of the word baby as a term of endearment.  Then there’s the next issue prevalent particularly in Mexico: the super-young females up on a stage shaking their shit for hundreds of other StudentCityers to see.  One of which Joey brings home, only wearing a small hot pink bathing suit that is strangely saggy in the rear area.  Unfortunately for him, he’s found one of the many girls who act and dress like a whore and then don’t put out.



The Hills Season 5

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Premiere date of Sept. 29 has been announced.  Everyone should start watching Laguna Beach reruns now to catch up on Catty Kristin’s snarky attitude.  Personally, I love her, but she’s not for everyone.  At least she has more to say than, “Yeeeeahhhhh” while running her nails through her fucking bangs every 10 seconds.  Yes, LC, I’m talkin’ bout you.

Odd, though, that they’re moving it from Monday nights to Tuesday.  Wonder what that will conflict with on my chocked-full TV agenda?


Short Shorts and that Canadian Chick Still Going Strong

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Honestly, all 3 men on After the Final Rose completely stole my heart.  And I’m more certain than ever that Jillian made the right decision with Ed, not only because he needs someone who loves him in “mankini” swim trunks who crosses his legs all the time, but also because they really do have good chemistry (you know, Fantasy Suite aside).

Some special moments included:

— Kiptyn told Jill that even though she was fishing for answers with him, he waited to say the things he did because he wanted to mean them.  Cue the chorus of “Awwwww”.

— Reid looking like he was literally going to bite his tongue off while debating whether or not to ask her the questions he desperately wanted to get off his chest.  He managed to get out a bit about the Fantasy Suite, to which Jillian looked stunned.

— Audience members asking Ed the two most pertinent questions: what exactly was up with those damn shorts, and are they having any bedroom issues now?  To which Jillian responded that their only problem in the bedroom is that they don’t have enough time in it, and that she loves his shorts and he recently purchased another, shorter, navy pair.  After which, Chris Harrison was the one who looked stunned.

— An audience member asking Reid out on a date.  As soon as she popped that question, he turned to Jillian, maybe looking to gauge her response or simply because it was a reflex for him.  I think he should have taken her up on it, she was cute!

— Jill and Ed saying that they’re moving in together in his place in Chicago on Sept. 1 and are looking at officially tying the knot in the next 12 months.

I have to say, they looked really happy together.  If she wanted love and she found it, it will remain to be seen that it’s lasting and that they will walk down the aisle.  Forgive me for being cynical, but after dozens of Bachelors and Bachelorettes alike having crossed the ABC finish line, only one has resulted in what appears to be the real deal.  Now, on to more important things: can we get both Reid and Kiptyn to sign up as new Bachelors?  They are both serious charmers and could pull in high ratings and melt hearts all at the same time.


Dexter, Utter Drama Fabulosity July 27, 2009

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dexter1In case you weren’t aware, Dexter is one of the most compelling dramas to exist on TV in a very long time.  Not only does Michael C. Hall give homicidal rage the perfect warm-and-fuzzy vibe, he’s like a vigilante’s wet dream.  At this week’s Comic Con, some new footage for Season 4 premiered.  If you haven’t seen it, I can’t stress enough what an amazing show it is.  It’s worth the astronomical $20 per month that Showtime charges.  If you don’t want to spring for that, go rent a season through Netflix, watch it illegally online — I don’t care how you see it, just do!

Watch a preview reel for Dexter Season 4 HERE.  Season premiere: September 27.  After last season’s fabulous casting of  Jimmy Smits I thought they would have difficulty topping themselves, but John Lithgow promises to be an amazing addition as the most successful serial killer ever.  Dexter makes murder look so very appealing; almost like a good deed.


Lordy Lordy! Hotlanta Lost Footage Revealed.

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“Do I feel guilty about treating myself every once in a while?  No, I do not.” — quote by Sheree about maintaining a fabulous lifestyle despite an economic downturn (uhh, and no apparent income other than alimony and child support).

I think these women live outside the realm of reality, because if they think that buying thousands of dollars worth of shoes as a single divorced mother of 2 is treating themselves every once in a while, they need a forceful slap upside the noggin.  These Real Housewives of Atlanta are straight ridonculous.

Kim is asked point-blank if Big Papa funds her lifestyle and the answer is yup, he sure does.  Wow, to think he can afford that even with 6 or so kids (AND A WIFE) of his own.  Pretty impressive, Pa-pa.  Nene’s Kim imitation was dead-on.  The hair quality of that wig actually looked better than that whack-ass weave Kim has.



Three Guys, One Rose, the Big Island and a Big Rock

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Jillian's twin?  Or too much airbrushing?

Jillian's twin? Or too much airbrushing?

In minute one, I already have a serious problem.  What is with the men on this show being such awkward kissers?  First Kiptyn, then her and Ed meet up and have a miss-kiss.  Ed needs to butch it up in general, with the green short-shorts and lavender tank last ep, now the pink shirt, and the crossed legs all the time.  Sit with your legs apart!  Scratch your balls (assuming you have some)!  Man up your wardrobe and your mannerisms.

Ed meets the ‘rents.  Jillian makes him start by giving his history regarding leaving the show and coming back.  I’m just gonna throw this out there — that thing out there about ‘checking out the mother to see how the daughter will look in 30+ years’ is not going to work in Jill’s favor.  I can’t believe that skinny-ass Jillian came from this woman!  Ed tells her dad that he wants to propose and I thought he should have asked permission rather than just telling him.  I’m not buying it with Ed, I just don’t believe he’s taking all of this seriously.  If he was that into her, he never would’ve left in the first place.  Plus he may be gay.  Jury’s out on him.  Side note: Jilly’s whole fam = terrible at dancing.