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BL: Biggest Loser Wrapup October 21, 2009

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Biggest Loser starts out….with everyone upset about tracy still being on campus. they show one work out….and they go to a challenge digging big metal boxes with keys inside them out of sand piles…and digging down 6 ft….a very intense challenge. no one knows what the prize is…so that keeps everyone wondering…and they hope it is something amazing..these people are sweating, dripping…I mean working SO hard…allan the fire fighter is amazing. the prize-trip home! the blue team wins gives it to the black team…and they are so nervous because they won’t be on campus.




A Theory on Dexter October 19, 2009

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If you are not caught up on Dexter as of the October 18th episode, I recommend you stop right now before reading this.  Because someone died, and I think I know who that someone’s killer was.  It was of serious debate at water cooler time for the past week, and now I’m going to share my theory with you all.




Did You Know… October 15, 2009

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…that Leave it to Lamas had a season premiere of 2 million viewers?  Before you think your eyes have gone spotty and you’re reading things wrong, I repeat: 2 MILLION viewers. 


I’ve never heard anything so tragic in my whole life.  That followed The Girls Next Door, who got 2.2 million.  Somehow Gossip Girl only has a little over a million but those two piles of doodoo got over 2 million?  I give up.


Kim & Big Papa Split! October 14, 2009

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Well, it sure is tough to be engaged to a man that’s married to someone else, lives with that person, and has six kids…isn’t it?  Kim sure didn’t seem to think so, and is still calling Papa “the love of her life.”  So what happened? 


Obviously, he kicked her ass to the curb.  Watching Kim spend all season racking up charges on her mysterious Black MasterCard (you can only get one if you spend $250k per year) and claiming Papa doesn’t pay for it — uhhh, who are we kidding here, really, Kim? — you have to assume she wouldn’t ditch that money train a second time around. 


Good luck finding another guy to pick up the slack of a Mercedes, an Escalade, a Bentley, pink diamond bracelets and loads of other jewelry, including an engagement ring the size of my knuckle.  Not to mention the shopping sprees for her chub offspring and the townhouse she lives in.  The woman has no income, people!  How else can she afford these things unless she pays with her vagina?


Oh NO! Who Will Blog About Biggest Loser Now?!

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Authored by Mini Diva

Biggest Loser is really starting to just irritate me!
The show starts off last night with a challenge.Now, Alison gives everyone an option to participate in the challenge or not….what is the challenge? A enormous wheel that contains plates covered like a room service dinner-underneath these covers……checks for $1000, pieces of cake and cupcakes that can be 1,000 calories or 1 golden ticket which will give that person the power to CHOOSE TEAMS- Yes, we are splitting up black vs. blue…Jillian vs Bob. The first couple people spin the wheel, well and surprise surprise they get the cake, cupcakes and who ends up with the CHOOSE TEAMS golden ticket….TRACY! Now…..I’m pissed, PISSED about this. I mean is this show rigged? It can’t be! I trust NBC! I hope they are providing HONEST TV. A girl can dream.


3 Cheers for a Brody/Kristin Reunion! October 13, 2009

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I soooo wish those two would get back together because I think they’re dolls together and I want to wretch all over that crazy ass Jayde.  Week after week I am severely disappointed in his decision to date her, since he’s just such a cutie.  Except tonight he was acting pretty rude, even though I think Jayde usually has it coming.

The biggest doozy for me was Kristin getting stood up by Justin Bobby at the bday party, with no word from him as to the no-show.  Kristin actually admits to being not cool with it since she’s developing feelings for him.  And her saying that she won’t put up with the same shit as Audrina?  Obviously a joke since next week he comes over to make her dinner and she says she could get used to it.  JB must have a magic penis or something because that dude gets away with everything and the girls just keep a-comin’ back for more.  It’s embarrassing to watch, actually!

Out of the previews, my jaw positively dropped at Audrina and JB meeting up for dinner and him telling her that not only is he not dating Kristin, but that he could never tell anyone that something better existed for him than Audrina Patridge.  Did not see that coming, but at the same time, it perfectly explains how he gets away with torturing women emotionally week after week.  He just makes each one feel more special than the last (or in this case, the current).


Nip/Tuck is Sexy/Back

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Editor’s Note: whoops!  This doesn’t premiere until Wednesday, Oct. 14 (tomorrow).  My bad!  I’m used to it being on Tuesday….


It returns tonight, and I know I’m not the only one who feels like the wait is eternal in between seasons.  Honestly, I probably should have stopped watching this show ages ago because it is so line-crossing that sometimes even I have a hard time watching (and I’m about the least PC person you’ll ever meet). 


This year, the recession hits the business and the boys have to downsize.  I’m so done with “the economy is for shit” storylines.  I’m not going to pretend that the economy has affected the rich THAT much — they had better stock portfolios than me before the recession, and they’ll have better ones after. 


Last season Christian got married to Liz.  And (SPOILER ALERT) they’re already heading for divorce.  I know Christian’s supposed to be great in the sack, but I don’t think he’s so good he’ll turn a lesbian.  Anyway, tune in tonight (times vary dpeending on your feed but mine is at 11pm) since this is the next-to-last season.