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What’s on Tonight? Tuesday, 8/11 August 11, 2009

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Your guess is as good as mine.  We’re in that unfortunate lull where absolutely nothing is happening on TV.  It’s that in-between week: several shows ended last week (Tori & Dean, for example) and none of the Bravo stuff or Project Runway start until next week.  In the interim, you could easily catch up on what you may have missed in seasons’ past, but do you even care?  I do know that NYC Prep and Miami Social are on tonight, but I don’t watch ’em personally.  Since I don’t have shows to talk about, I will use this as my opportunity to sound off on other fascinating topics.


I think ABC needs to do a follow-up After the Final Rose with both of Ed’s past lovers and Jillian and him all in one place.  I’d like to see Ed deny all of these allegations in front of an audience, because I think he’s a goddamn liar.  I wish Jillian the best of luck in moving in with him and planning to build a life with him, because she’s wasting her time.  Anyone who’s read that US Weekly story from last week can see for themselves that it’s highly unlikely that two women, unbeknowst to one another, were carrying on relationships with him while he wooed Jillian on the side.  The article was so laden with details that I don’t think it’s fictional at all. 


Here’s some exciting tidbits:


— When Ed flew home for 10 days, he went to a wedding with his girlfriend Jessica.  They smooched on the dance floor, bought the gift together, and signed the card.  Interestingly, he signed the guest book “Hollywood Ed”. 


— When he returned to the show, he told both girlfriends that he was going to Texas for a business trip.  When he came back with suitcases bearing Aloha stickers, he was confronted.  When asked whether he was engaged, he responded, “What do you think?”  They slept together.  This was 9 days after he proposed to Jill in Hawaii.


— While on the show, he somehow had access to his phone and text-messaged both ladies.  He said things like ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m trying to get home, this is such a mindfuck’…’I’m not attracted to this chick’ and ‘I can’t wait to molest you.’ 


— He called this “his summer to get vagina.”
— Jillian believes the two women have made everything up and are hurt he chose her over them.  She thinks they’re pathetic, feels sorry for them, believes Ed 100% and knows all of this because she reads his emails.  Uhh, don’t you find it possible that he deleted his incriminating emails?  I would bet Hollywood Ed has a Blackberry where he can do those things on the sly…


Bachelorette, Cake Boss, Real Housewives… June 2, 2009

1349_iac_175_heidis-breakdown_001I’m not going to waste your time by dividing this down into separate posts because I have just a few things to say about each of these shows and maybe a couple of others.

Cake Boss.  Two episodes have aired and it’s a great show to watch while you’re doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen.  Fondant scares me — I’ve had it and because it’s so thick it’s not as “edible” as Buddy Valastro and his team seem to believe.  And they use it on everything!  The things they go through — fascinating.  The tools and methods they use?  Fascinating.  But it’s not a must-see or anything.