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Betcha Missed Me May 3, 2009

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new_leaf_design__revised__logo_13-1-06You did, right?  Miss me?  I’ve been out of town for the past few days, but I returned today and after looking at what my fridge had to offer, I plopped down for some catch up with my BFF, DVR.  First up, the Duel.  The challenge was a triathlon sort of sitch, which they did while wearing oddly-eared bobble heads of themselves shaped like enormous lampshades.  But what happened in the downtime was bicuriously fantastic.  Hookups are alwasy aplenty on an MTV show, mostly because they go out of their way to cast people far better looking than the average population.  And this week was no different, with Rachel and Jenn having a reunification of sorts.  One that involved whispers, moans, and kissy noises.  Enough about that, you perverts!  I’m sure you would like to know who went home, if you don’t already.  Jenn faced Katie in a Duel and won.  And Nehemiah foolishly picked Evan, who (barely) beat him.  Now on to some other goodies…




Fancy A Duel? April 22, 2009

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Wednesday night means duel, and New Zealand is bringing out the worst in the Real World/Road Rulers challengers.  Because of the choice Paula made last week with Dunbar rather than MJ, many are questioning her loyalty to her supposed alliance, most of all Evan, who promised to have her back but is now wondering if he made the right choice.


The competition this week was to stand on a rope, with your hands overhead hanging onto a second rope.  While gyrating and bouncing back and forth on these ropes, you can knock other players off.  After several rounds that eventually led to physical contact, Ruthie was the girl’s winner and Landon the men’s.  The most unfortunate part of this was where you landed when you fell off — a giant cess pool of what is probably disease and infection, and what is definitely murky muddy swampy goodness.



It’s Positively Duelicious April 15, 2009

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duel-cats1To the left is a portrait of two cats about to participate in a duel.  Which is ironic because that’s what we saw at the beginning of the episode, a continuation of last week, with Aneesa and Shauvon squabbling around on the ground.  Like two cats.  I wanted to throw some water on ’em.  And to think we have so much more to see in the upcoming hour!

— Bikinis and Speedos on ice.

— Use of the word “puck” in place of “f*ck”

— A brawl commonly known as a chick fight

— Robin’s paranoia and anxiety take hold

— Shauvon goes home

— The day’s two losers have a covert convo

That was all within the first 10 minutes.  It can only get better from here.



Duel II Rocking My Socks Right Off April 8, 2009

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new-zealandIf you’ve never watched a challenge of some sort on MTV, you may have missed out on your calling in life.  Here’s some reasons why.

The beginning of Real World/Road Rules Duel II is perhaps the most ridonculous thing I’ve witnessed in a long time.  They’re battling it out in New Zealand, and the opening credits features a chant that was so far from intimidating I had no choice but laugh my ass off.  Host TJ Lavin gives the rundown on prizes: $100k to the first place winner from both the females and males, $35k to second placers, and $15k to third place, with (quick math here, people) a total of six competitors at the end, 3 male and 3 female.

And man, things started off with a BANG!