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Bethenny & Season 3, More Housewives Dish August 4, 2009


Bethenny Frankel is someone that I used to be able to handle but I don’t love her anymore.  The biggest reason why is all the blogging she’s done about the other casts/seasons — I’ve tried reading a couple but she comes off as judgmental, harsh, and most of all, bitter.  Some of those things are what caused audiences to love her in the first place, but I’m the first to say that sometimes too much of a good thing is just that: too much.  My hubs was trying to tell me the other day that he read some article that her new pseudo-boyfriend is some type of fraud and isn’t actually an investor or in real estate or whatever it is that this guy supposedly does.  I don’t care enough to Google him, and that’s saying something because 20 minutes ago I tried to Google a Colorado Wildlife commercial to figure out what type of weird bird was featured in it. 




It’s Very Declasse on the Upper East Side May 5, 2009

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“Just tell me where the social register is, Ramona.  Just tell me.”  That’s how the RHNYC finale began.  And when Alex informed them that she has not even invited a single person, the ladies were all up in arms.  So much so that Ramona called her a limp noodle.  Yeah…I could see that.  She does look rather like a noodle.

That one woman whom I prefer to disregard is on the floor of the NASDAQ.  Interestingly enough, I read an interview with Jill where she talked about the divorce of the de Lesseps.  It seems that when Ramona and Luann had their altercation earlier in the season over the patriarch of the Count clan, the marriage was already kaput.  Naughty naughty Luann.  Jill has a laugh riot conversation with her daughter about sex and drugs.  She even asked Allyson, who mind you is 15 years old, if she knew what sex was!  Shouldn’t they have had that talk at least 5 years earlier?