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RZ Finale Curveball October 12, 2009

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I was wrong that Paris was the finale, because it was this week.  We saw more of Taylor losing her shit and Brad in short shorts.  And we discovered a male model whose name might escape me, but the visual of his biceps will not.  Basically, Rachel’s health problems got bad enough that she’s decided to make some changes, and in the last 2 minutes we saw what those changes will be.  Taylor really is going to be heading the product development line, Brad’s going to be staying put, and Rachel’s going to alleviate stress by backing up and….letting Rodger be the new boss.  That’s right.  Next season we get to enjoy watching him butt heads with his wife’s employees, and RZ already warned them that Rodg won’t be nearly so lenient about their childish behavior.

That is lit-rilly BA-nanas.


Late Addiction to Miami Social August 18, 2009

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I caught up on basically the entire season today.  Boy, oh boy.  The tumultuous-at-best relationship between George and Lina is goddamn terrifying.  She breaks glasses, slashes his clothes, switches personalities on a whim, curses at him in her native Ukrainian tongue, says she’s in NYC when she’s really on a yacht in St. Bart’s, and either invents pregnancies altogether or lies about having an abortion.


The bottom line is that George is still madly in love with Sorah, but he screwed that up by cheating on her when they were married.  And Sorah is now madly in love with Gonzalo, and I can’t blame her, he is just darling.




Finale Schminale, Hills Season 6 Is Where It’s At May 31, 2009

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the end of LC's reality reign

the end of LC's reality reign

Rounding out the end of an eventful season, Spencer has upped his acting chops and really wants people to believe he’s a new person.  Brody, for one, is not playing along, but at least he brought his eye candy to Spencer and Heidi’s wedding.  By eye candy, I don’t mean his current girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, cuz that bitch is feinous.  I mean his old one, Kristin Cavallari, back in business and ready for the fun to begin.

Not sure if it was MTV or my DVR, but my audio was all jacked up, going in and out towards the end of the episode and cutting out most of the sneak peek at season 6, returning this fall.  Even with visuals, though, it promises to be delightful.  Of interest: this Stacie character WILL be back.  Recently saw a still of filming on perezhilton and noticed that laughing over lunch next to Kristin was Stacie herself.  Anyone else on board that Stacie was probably part of this crowd long before she was cast to play the role of homewrecker?



S, Lonely Boy, B, Basshole, and N Turn Their Tassles May 18, 2009

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The big Gossip Girl blast sent out during graduation ceremony has finally caused the mighty to fall.  And to be completely honest, I don’t get the big damn deal with the blast.  Here’s what she said about our favorite Class of 09ers.  Chuck: cowardly, Blair: weakling, Serena: now completely irrelevant, Nate: class whore, Dan Humphrey: the ultimate insider.  Touted to be GG’s monumental outburst, I don’t get why this is so insulting.  So what?!  They’ve all done way worse in their time!  Serena is steaming, though, and she wants to take GG down for it.  Meaning we may find out who GG is, but wouldn’t that kinda ruin the fun of third-person omniscient narration?



Go Weight Loss Go Weight Loss Go May 12, 2009

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There was a lot of shit to muddle through in the 3-hour season finale of The Biggest Loser, and since I stayed out drinking wine until 10pm, I didn’t have time for all that crap.  Needless to say, I did a LOT of zooming on the recording.  The first standout was old-timer Jerry, who lost almost 48% of his total body weight.  For the oldest contestant ever on the show, I can’t even say how impressed I am.  Also, we’re still waiting to find out who’s in the bottom 3 between Ron and Mike.  Pray for your sakes that it’s Mike because I warned everyone that I would hunt them down if Ron somehow got it.  Don’t let me down, America!



The Return of Dreaded Tommy Walker May 10, 2009

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The setting: Montevisto, Mexico.  The shadow on the floor: Nora Walker, in Keds and a cowboy hat.  Fierce.

The cold hard facts of the final show of Season 3: