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Gossip Girl Daddies Return, Forces Unite!!!! November 15, 2009

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He's baaaaaaack

Well, last Thanksgiving Nate’s dad went to jail, and Dan’s dad is obviously alive and kicking and married to Lily.  So who does that leave?  Well, two other gentlemen be returnin’ and they are going to turn the town upside down.




Keeping Up with Khloe Kardashian-Odom November 12, 2009

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Not an easy feat since one day she’s single and 2 weeks later she’s engaged… to an LA Laker….and getting married in 9 days….but may not be legally married because the prenup isn’t finalized.



MTV = Mindless Television

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I doubt I originated that quip but it certainly is true.  You can easily zone out to The Hills, The City, and Real World Road Rules: The Ruins.  I can and I have so let’s talk about what’s happening on them!


On The Hills, dumb pretty Audrina decided that after last week’s meeting, Justin is clearly not over her and since we’ve always known that she isn’t over him, it seemed (to her) absolutely appropriate to have dinner with him and tell him they should get back together.  The only problem: Justin didn’t agree and insinuated that he’s still interested in Kristen since she “did something different to him”.  What, fingered his ass???  I bet Aud would do that for you, too, JB — you just need to ask! 


Then we have that dumbass Spencer, who decided he was so concerned that Heidi was going to get knocked up that he went to a vasectomy consultation.  He assumed it was totally reversible whenever he wanted it to be, but when the doctor told him they considered that to be permanent because a reversal doesn’t always work, he skedaddled the hell out of there.  When Heidi found out, though, she reminded him that he knew damn well she wanted babies when they got married so marrying her must have been a huge mistake.  His response: a loss for words, which almost never happens!




Gossip Girl, Tame & Lame November 10, 2009

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Last night’s Gossip Girl involved way too much Jenny.  Thus, I saw far too much platinum weave and racoon eye makeup.  But enough about the girl who once played sweet little Cindy Lou Who in Jim Carrey’s version of The Grinch… let’s talk about the threesome!


Oh wait, why bother?  It was not the delicious juicy scandal that it was made out to be.  Parents these days — they’re not very bright.  What they don’t realize is that any kissing threesome their teenager sees on TV has more than likely also been seen by that kid in person.  Oh hell it may have even involved their kid.  So parents, if you’re reading this: BEWARE.  Your kids are not as naive as you think.  They’re just little sociopaths waiting for a chance to fully blossom.




Picking Up the Slack with Kristin Cavallari November 3, 2009

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I got in trouble from a fan for not writing more recently, so I need to try to get back in the swing of things.  Let’s start off with some of The Hills.


Justin was a creeper and showed up at K-Cav’s house to make her dinner unannounced after telling her he’d join her at Brody’s bday festivities and never arriving.  That was Strike 1.  Strike 2 nearly occurred last week when he joked that he wasn’t coming to her party in the ‘bu but it turned out he was just playing games.  All of this after he met up with Audrina to tell her how he could “never say anything had ever been as good as Audrina Patridge.  Ever.”  That clandestine rooftop meeting may come back to bite him this week when the ladies get into over him.  I don’t know what Kristin is talking about in saying she won’t put up with his shit the way Audrina did; you already are and it looks like you’ll continue to.  All in the name of good ratings, right?


Speaking of good ratings, Kristin isn’t pulling them in.  At all.  Despite her reported $90k per episode paycheck (that’s ok, LC was making $125k) the ratings have slipped considerably.  When asked about it, she said it’s not fair to pin them all on her and that it’s up to everyone to keep it interesting.  Well, it doesn’t quite work that way.  Because they’re seasoned showrunners and you’re brand-new, so you kind of need to prove what you’re getting paid for.  The element that has changed is Kristin taking Lauren’s place, so shouldn’t we assume viewers don’t like the switch?


Brody and Jayde are up to their usual nonsense, bickering constantly and getting in public brawls, which inevitably end in Jayde accusing Brody of being insensitive even though she’s doing far more shit-slinging than he is, and Brody storming off and telling anyone within earshot “I’m done.  I’m done.  I’m so over this shit.”  Then be done with it and get back with Kristin — she says you’re vanilla in bed after all.  Oh wait, that wasn’t a compliment?  Ooops!


Everyone is crying “Drunk” on Holly and trying to tell her she needs to go to rehab.  Steph would know since she’s already been there and — oh yeah — just got pulled over for her 2nd+ DUI in a couple of years.  Pot?  Kettle?  Black.


Did You Know… October 15, 2009

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…that Leave it to Lamas had a season premiere of 2 million viewers?  Before you think your eyes have gone spotty and you’re reading things wrong, I repeat: 2 MILLION viewers. 


I’ve never heard anything so tragic in my whole life.  That followed The Girls Next Door, who got 2.2 million.  Somehow Gossip Girl only has a little over a million but those two piles of doodoo got over 2 million?  I give up.


Is Georgina Gone Yet? Please? October 12, 2009

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I have had about enough of Georgina Sparks, so if this is truly the last we’ll see of her this season, I will count my blessings.  I’m not a big fan of the guest star business they’ve had going on lately either (hello, Joanne Garcia as Bitchy Bree Buckley and Hilary Duff as the too-nice movie star cum college student Olivia).  Next week looks to be juicy, as Nate and Serena band together to rescue Carter from the throes of Buckley hell.

The 2 characters that make this show worthwhile always have been and always will be Chuck and Blair.  I can’t rave enough about what a fabulous TV couple they are.  Snide, cocky, clever and quippy, and they do it all in deliciously expensive clothes.  But enough about my love of Bluck, let’s talk about what else happened.