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My Cable’s Back!!! October 6, 2009

Yesterday was a bad day.  My cable and internet went down for 12 hours — yes, 12 hours.  I had to go to my mom’s to watch Gossip Girl (it was kinda lame, and Tyra Banks is probably the worst actress to ever be on that show).  I missed the finale of Rachel Zoe Project altogether (got to catch that tonight) and at 10pm I was finally able to watch Sunday night’s episode of Dexter.


But tonight is going to be better, I can already feel it.  The Hills but not The City (Roxy and Olivia frighten me), Flipping Out, and the rerun of Rachel Zoe Project.  No DWTS or Biggest Loser, but I can promise I’ll be putting up a Biggest Loser recap courtesy of guest author Mini Diva, who gladly fills my shoes in that department.


Also, now that I have Showtime, I have to catch up on Weeds and start watching Californication.  I’m hearing that the latter is a winner.


10 Television Shows YOU Should Own (or Rent) April 18, 2009


When there isn’t a show to blog about on the weekend, and I haven’t seen a movie to review, I am going to do what VH1 has exacerbated: a Top 10 list!  (They usually do Top 100 but I don’t have that kind of time, energy, or the need to tell you about 100 shows you should own on DVD). Here they are!

1.  Lost — this show is hella confusing but fascinating.  I personally began watching it after the first two seasons had already aired, and I got them through Netflix over Christmas break and was immediately hooked.  Because the plot is convoluted, and because so much happens in a single episode that you need to remember when moving on to the next, you almost have to watch it on DVD in order to figure out what’s going on.  Currently in its fifth season.

2.  Weeds — don’t start this until you can sit down to watch many episodes back to back.  Nancy Botwin is an adorable, recently-widowed mother of two involved in the marijuana trade.  Her friends are what makes this show hilarious, though.  Andy, Doug, Celia, Dean, Conrad, and the rest make it worth watching.  However, the cliffhangers between seasons will leave you dying to know what’s up next, so either rent or buy many seasons at once.  Season 5 debuts June 8th on Showtime.