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Daisy of Love Crowns a Winner Sunday July 22, 2009

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I did take the time to watch tidbits from the clip show, and it sure didn’t make me feel any better about myself that I’ve seen a whole season’s worth of the silliness.  There was a great debate going on at my office last week about Daisy of Love vs. Rock of Love and some of the girls felt that Daisy of Love may very well be the trashiest television show in this horrific series of spinoffs.  I think the women on Rock of Love are far worse, however.  Especially this last season, Rock of Love Bus.

In case you didn’t know, it actually began with Flavor of Love, which turned into I Love New York and then Real Chance of Love.  Simultaneously, Rock of Love sprung up, going strong with 3 seasons under its belt and that funneled into Daisy of Love.  All these shows hybrid into I Love Money, Charm School, and now Megan Wants a Millionaire.  In being completely honest with you, I can say I’ve watched most of these programs.  I really do find them to be wildly entertaining.  I know they are insanely trashy — that’s what makes them fun.  When that woman shit on the floor on Flavor of Love, I nearly died.  It was one of the most hilarious moments I’ve ever witnessed on tv.  And I was at home, ogling my screen as history was made…reality history at least.



Just Saw Something Horrifying July 13, 2009

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VH1 just aired a commercial and it’s of a girl walking along the beach with a metal detector.  I notice right away that it’s Megan from Rock of Love 2, Charm School, and I Love Money.  Basically, she’s whored herself out to vH1 more than once.  And she got into an infamous fight with Sharon Osbourne at the Charm School Reunion show, when she said something rude about Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon attacked her and supposedly pulled out part of her weave.

So imagine my shock when that commercial turns out to be one for Megan’s own reality show, called Megan Wants a Millionaire.  She sued VH1 over the Osbourne brawl — was this their way of settling?


The Exes Visit Daisy, Bring Serious Baggage With July 12, 2009

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As evidenced in the title, the four guys who remain — Sinister, Flex, London, and 12 Pack/Dave — had the pleasure of the company of their respective ex-girlfriends.  Except the girls who showed up for both 12 Pack and London seemed more like friends than exes.  London has shitty taste in friends, though, because she immediately tells Daisy that he is addicted to sex and has been dating a girl at home (both before he came on the show and in the interim period that he was at home).  Basically what ensued was a whole buncha nonsense, just like most stuff has been on this show.



Daisy is a “Very Very Complicated Person” (she says) June 15, 2009

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Hey you VH1-loving a-holes.  Daisy of Love always gives me something to blog about and of course yesterday was no exception.  I’m catching up right now and I’m knee-deep in the plot to get Fox eliminated.  He looks like the weasel version of Ricky Martin and I’m just not into pretty dudes who wear more makeup and have better hair than me.  That’s simply unacceptable, so I’m all for him getting tossed out on his skinny ass.

12-Pack is now named Dave-Formerly-Known-as-12 Pack.  He got to go on a date with Daisy to get dressed up (or should I say dressed down?) in sexy lingerie.  That would mean for both of them, because Dave returned to the house wearing leopard print girl shorts.  Sinister wrote Daisy a song that might have been good if he didn’t freak his shit when he forgot the words and started from the beginning.



Daisy of Death, Week Whatever May 26, 2009

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Catching up on the newest episode of Daisy of Love, I was frightened for some lives.  You’ve seen it.  The scene where 6 Gauge and Cage get into it, after Cage burns Flex’s hand with a laurel from Fox’s odd Greek makeout sesh with Daisy, and after waaaaay too many drinks on Cage’s behalf and even some public urination.  Directly before Elim Cer (I’m abbreviating, bitches), Cage decides to kill Flex and I think he means it.  They both want to whollop one another and that’s all good, but how about you NOT come all the way to romance Daisy in the Faux Fur and Animal Print Mansion to do it?  I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s back up.




I Get It, Ya’ll Love Trash May 18, 2009

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507-thumbprint-heart-charm-image-1Truly.  You LOVE trashy shows, you blog whores!  And I’m right there with ya.  Specifically, you love Daisy of Love, Rock of Love, and I’m guessing you love Charm School with rejects from Rock of Love and Real Chance at Love combined.  So I’m here to give it to ya.  The season began a week ago and I forgot to watch the premiere ep.  I caught up, lucky for you.  First of all, Beverly got eliminated right away for hitting Brittaney Star.  Twice.  All the hos have anger management problems, and most of them also have a drinking problem to boot.  In case you weren’t aware, those things do not mesh well.  Gia seems like she’s gonna die.  Didn’t she say on the reunion of Rock of Love Bus that she was sober?  Well, not anymore!  Whoops…



Trashy Dudes Blow at Surfing May 5, 2009

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daisy16This epy was chock full of trashy excitement, and I can’t help but tell all of you about it.  We saw Week 2 on Daisy of Love, and although I wasn’t a fan of hers when she was on Rock of Love 2, she’s pretty freaking funny, if not 96% ditzy.  Her show is like the Clueless of horrible VH1 television.  Here are the highlights:

She hosts a show and tell, and most of the dudes bomb.  I do not mean they are “the bomb”, I mean they sucked.  She chose 3 winners and 3 losers.  The 3 winners go on a surfing date with her.  The 3 losers give lap dances to some old ladies.  (Think Golden Girls’ Sophia, then add some lbs).  As one of the losers, London really shimmies his nuts off and she picks him as an honorary 4th winner.  He now gets to surf as well.  On the beach, the title gives it away that these guys were awful at surfing.  Although they probably were distracted by the fact that Daisy barely restrained her life preserver breasts behind a leopard-print, hot pink-trimmed string bikini.