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Just for You, Courtney June 10, 2009

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kd092_11425_rd_My_Pretty_FlowerI want to take a moment to respond to your multiple comments, all of which I loved and appreciated.  I had to stop watching I’m a Celebrity… because of Speidi.  They frightened me.  Either they are really good actors or Spencer is truly the worst human being on Earth.  If that is what he looks like trying to be a “good Christian” like Heidi says, then I’m terrified to see what he looks like when he’s trying to behave badly.  And the comment about how she “cannot not have sex with him for that long”?  Vomit in my mouth is not even strong enough of a statement.



Bachelorette, Cake Boss, Real Housewives… June 2, 2009

1349_iac_175_heidis-breakdown_001I’m not going to waste your time by dividing this down into separate posts because I have just a few things to say about each of these shows and maybe a couple of others.

Cake Boss.  Two episodes have aired and it’s a great show to watch while you’re doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen.  Fondant scares me — I’ve had it and because it’s so thick it’s not as “edible” as Buddy Valastro and his team seem to believe.  And they use it on everything!  The things they go through — fascinating.  The tools and methods they use?  Fascinating.  But it’s not a must-see or anything.