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My 2nd Piece of Hate Mail! July 15, 2009

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I just got a comment from a loving fan who commented on the About section of my blog.  Here’s what it said:

“read a book”


So I went ahead and emailed that person and here’s how I responded:

Subject: don’t judge a book…

…by its cover. 
I have a blog called DVR Diva.  You made a comment to me to read a book.  I read lots of books.  If you actually read my blog instead of just the “About” portion, you would see that I subscribe to a great service called paperspine that allows me to rent books every month instead of buying them — I just read a book yesterday, in fact.  A whole book.  300+ pages.  In one very long sitting.
Just thought you’d like to know.


I love my fans.


Update on Paperspine, the Netflix of Books July 9, 2009

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So far, so good.  The customer service is awesome.  It does take about 3 days for the books to get to me, which is hard because once I finish reading one I like to immediately delve into another.  However, they try to cut down on that issue by having you email them when you’ve shipped your last books back and then they send you the next two in your queue.

One thing I found odd: I have 34 books in my queue right now, and they sent me one from the very bottom of my list.  I know it’s a small company, but I wondered if they were out of all of the other books?  I don’t know, but either way it’s still saving me tons of money from buying so many books from either Borders or Amazon (both of which I have cards to, so that should give you an indication of how many books I purchase — I would average $4o per month).

If you have questions about the service, feel free to ask me or look them up at  It’s definitely a cool service and a unique idea.  I hope at some point that they have the ability to recommend books to you based on the ones you’ve already rented.  That helps when you start to run low on ideas of your own.


Finger Lickin’ Fifteen: Not a Happy Meal June 29, 2009

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Typically, I love Janet Evanovich’s depiction of Stephanie Plum and her over-the-top Jersey girl slapstick comedy.  But did I love Finger Lickin’ Fifteen?  NO, I did not.  This was a bad weekend for me!  Between the disappointment of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and the disappointment of Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, I would have been better off crawling into a hole and avoiding all types of entertainment. 




My Latest Obsession June 24, 2009

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So hopefully you have read enough of my posts to know that I’m not an idiot.  Quite the opposite, actually, as I like to consider myself a literate individual.  As such, I enjoy reading.  I read a ton of books!  However, I have a few problems in this arena.  Most books I buy through Amazon, after reading a lot of reviews to find out if I think each title is worth my while and my dime.  In the past, I used the library.  But not only do I feel like library books are germ central, it can be really tough to find books that you want AND it can’t be done remotely.

To make a long story short, I have discovered the Netflix of books:  This is an awesome way to rent all those books you’ve been wanting to read but are unwilling to pay $10-15 to buy, plus everything can be done from your computer.  I signed up for the program that’s $10 a month, you get 2 books at a time, and everything ships for free.  My first book in the queue is My Sister’s Keeper because I’ve heard so many good things about it.  The ONLY problem that I have with this so far is that they don’t carry any hardbacks.  Therefore, anything new that has come out only in hardback is not readily available.  However, I’m thrilled to have found the site and I’ll keep you posted on the service and book quality.


Betcha Missed Me May 3, 2009

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new_leaf_design__revised__logo_13-1-06You did, right?  Miss me?  I’ve been out of town for the past few days, but I returned today and after looking at what my fridge had to offer, I plopped down for some catch up with my BFF, DVR.  First up, the Duel.  The challenge was a triathlon sort of sitch, which they did while wearing oddly-eared bobble heads of themselves shaped like enormous lampshades.  But what happened in the downtime was bicuriously fantastic.  Hookups are alwasy aplenty on an MTV show, mostly because they go out of their way to cast people far better looking than the average population.  And this week was no different, with Rachel and Jenn having a reunification of sorts.  One that involved whispers, moans, and kissy noises.  Enough about that, you perverts!  I’m sure you would like to know who went home, if you don’t already.  Jenn faced Katie in a Duel and won.  And Nehemiah foolishly picked Evan, who (barely) beat him.  Now on to some other goodies…




Scarpetta Headed to Film April 22, 2009

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I’m excited to report that one of the authors from my Book Chat, Patricia Cornwell, and her series about medical 51h2fohg1plexaminer Kay Scarpetta, will be made into a movie.  Though Scarpetta so far has been the main character in 16 books, the first movie will not be based on a specific one, or if so it has not been announced yet.  Probably much like Confessions of a Shopaholic had points from several of the books entertwined.  Angelina Jolie is in talks to star and although I think she would be fine, I’d like to see a newer face tied to Scarpetta.

In the books, she is extremely intelligent, can be emotionally detached, is beautiful but in a more subtle way than a Jolie, and has become involved with the wrong man a number of times.  She’s also supposed to be curvaceous and now that Angelina has slimmed down to pure waifishness, she needs to pack on a few pounds before I see it as believable.  What about her nemesis, Jennifer Aniston?  She wants to be in a darker movie!  Other possible picks for me would be Reese Witherspoon taking a new route, Ali Larter (whom I have loved since Varsity Blues and she certainly has the looks pinned although she’s on the young side), Amanda Peet, or Halle Berry.


Book Chat April 15, 2009

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You may be surprised to know, based on the sheer volume of shows that I blog about, that I do in fact have hobbies other than watching television.  I love cooking and doing laundry.  And I read!  A lot!  I have some favorite authors that I want to share with some of you who may also enjoy this relaxing pasttime.  First off, I found out today that Janet Evanovich’s latest in her number series “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen” (cute title, huh?) is on shelves June 23.  For those of you unfamiliar with Evanovich’s work, she documents a fictional character by the name of Stephanie Plum, a spastic bounty hunter from New Jersey.  Her books are fluffy, funny, and provide much-needed comic relief when laying poolside in the summer.  You don’t need to catch up with the first fourteen to read this one, but read them anyway!  You won’t be sorry.