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Gossip Girl Daddies Return, Forces Unite!!!! November 15, 2009

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He's baaaaaaack

Well, last Thanksgiving Nate’s dad went to jail, and Dan’s dad is obviously alive and kicking and married to Lily.  So who does that leave?  Well, two other gentlemen be returnin’ and they are going to turn the town upside down.




A Theory on Dexter October 19, 2009

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If you are not caught up on Dexter as of the October 18th episode, I recommend you stop right now before reading this.  Because someone died, and I think I know who that someone’s killer was.  It was of serious debate at water cooler time for the past week, and now I’m going to share my theory with you all.




Season 3 for GG August 19, 2009

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Only a few more weeks until the first episode, and I’ve read some gruesome news regarding Season 3 today.

— Georgina and Dan sitting in a tree.  That’s right, Blair’s vindictive roomie will be hooking up with Dan once more.  No word on how long that fling will last, but I doubt it will be an entire season like they’re saying Chuck and Blair will be in for.  Yay-er!!!

— Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff guest star.  I’m ambivalent (at best) about both.

— Blair will be a fish out of water at NYU since it’s not exactly the Upper East Side atmosphere she’s used to.  Luckily she will have Chuck, who is going to be focused on new business ventures in his role at Bass Industries.

— Carter Baizen (Leighton Meester’s real-life boyf) and Serena engage in a fling of their own, and Serena’s dad is also going to be in the picture at some point.  No clue who’s been cast to play him, though.

Monday, September 13.  Let the countdown begin.




Wolverine Could Totally Kick Sabretooth’s Ass May 3, 2009

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Yeah, I saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine this weekend and it rocked the shit.  I want to give a lot away but nothing at the same time.  So, I suggest if you’ve seen the movie, or are particularly interested in knowing the entire plot without having seen it, that you click in for my personal assessment.  Since I’m such an expert and all. 




DWTS Results Show 4/14 April 14, 2009

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I just realized the irony in Lil’ Kim performing Jailhouse Rock, which the judges asked for a repeat performance of.  Except she was the cop this time!  You know my thoughts, her (fake) buck teeth jutted out so much when looking at Derek that I couldn’t even concentrate on the dance.  Don’t worry, I know — I’m a judgmental biotch.  I don’t think Steve-o was that bad actually so it’s sad that he is in the bottom as usual.  My guess is the fans will save him from the bottom 2 as usual, and if he’s in it.  I doubt that judge favorites Shawn, Gilles, Lil’ Kim and Melissa won’t be there!  Tonight was the DWTS results show for week 6 and I have all the details…. but beware that all the spoilers are down below.

I accidentally just caught a tidbit of the Disney-esque group dance and it was obnoxious to say the least.  Man, I hate those special performances they do.  And we will have that to look forward to from the stars next week along with the professionals.  I have a feeling my darling Ty will be in the bottom this week, and I’m worried if he’s competing with Steve-o that he won’t come out on top.  Heeeeelp, I would need a new favorite!  Oh no, I didn’t realize that there won’t be a dance-off this week.  We’re really getting down to the bottom now and will soon be eliminating even the great dancers.



New Jersey Housewives will cut a b*tch! April 7, 2009

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greetings-from-new-jersey1Quick refresher after last week’s NYC Housewives episode: Kel-amity got some great donations and offered to continue helping out with the MS charity.  She smoothed things over with Jill after her earlier rude behavior.  This week, we not only saw some tennis doubles, but we got a sneak peek about New Jersey.  And I have a lot to say about that.  Holy psycho housewives.  That’s the first thing I’m saying.  Two, I’m scared.  I may have to cover my eyes and peer through my fingers as if I’m watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Because these women appear to be the new cast of TCM, set in the (apparently vengeful) ‘burbs of Jersey.  I’ve read every Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich so I thought I knew what to expect.  I was very, very wrong because I could never imagine the craziness.  We’re going to see a grown-ass woman flip a table over in cocktail attire and a really bad wig?  That’s friggin’ amazing right there.  What else is going on in NYC?  Click in to read more about tonight’s episode.



DWTS Results Show

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The judges asked for a repeat of Lil’ Kim and Derek’s Viennese waltz.  They did the usual recap of last night’s performances and scores.  In looking back, I wish Gilles had kept his shirt off during the whole show, but I read an interview of his today where he said Cheryl wanted him to but “it’s a family show”.  I’m here to say, forget about the families and think about the LADIES, Gilles.  I had dreams about those pecs.

The first two safe couples tonight were…