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Monday Night Lineup April 6, 2009

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manic_monday_flyer_3_web_fr-300x3001Monday is here!  This day tends to be my favorite weekday of television.  Tonight I have Dancing with the Stars.  (My money’s on Gilles and Melissa for the final two).  I think this may be Steve O’s final dance.  And if you’re wondering how those women get their great bodies, the new issue of US Weekly is all about DWTS Diet Secrets!  My only problem is I don’t want to eliminate carbs from my diet! 


Also, The Hills returns.  A friend of mine recently said that based on the trailers, she was under the impression that Heidi and Lauren finally kiss and make up.  Which is what they want us to believe, but I saw Lauren with those goons from The Hills Aftershow discussing this season and she said they aren’t truly friends again, and that she was pissed that Heidi even showed up to her birthday since she knew she wasn’t invited and it was an inappropriate time to have a chat.  Her thoughts are that as long as Heidi is with Spencer, they can’t be friends since that is the root of their problems anyway.  I haven’t seen much of Audrina being on there, but I know that Lauren and Stephanie have a showdown where L tells her to back off the Heidi thing and stop butting in. 



Just Josh-ing You April 3, 2009

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tv_gossip_girl07Oh, how I love Josh Schartz.  He wears the hat of creator, writer, and producer.  He’s the youngest producer of an hour-long television show.  And he’s given me years of television to obsess over.  My first experience with Josh Schwartz was an accidental recording of The O.C. in my dorm room.  Ryan, Marissa, Summer, and Seth got me hooked.  Now it’s Chuck, Blair, Nate, Dan, and Serena all the way!  Schartz has an uncanny ability to make these shows appeal to the 18-24 demographic while still having a central story revolve around the romantic life of their parents.  He can write drama about life in a higher income bracket.  And absolutely most importantly, he’s capable of ending an episode with goosebumps. 


The formula is fairly simple.  We have a kid from the wrong side of the tracks.  Ryan/Dan.  Who falls for a popular, wealthy girl with a checkered past.  Marissa/Serena.  After sparks and a few missteps, a romance begins.  Then a former girlfriend comes back to mix things up.  Theresa/Vanessa.  We have the sarcastic dad who has a knack for singing in his other life.  Sandy/Rufus.  The cool blonde mother.  Kirsten/Lily.  A confident, quick-witted brunette best friend.  Summer/Blair.  There are more similarities that makes it seem these shows run parallel to one another, and it could be that there’s a formula at work.  But the art of making each of these characters unique and compelling with a driven storyline that continues to shock isn’t formulaic.  That’s Josh.