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Putting the Premieres Into One Post July 9, 2009

How does that sound?  I can’t keep bouncing back and forth talking about all the different networks and the offerings they will soon have for us, so I’m putting all MY shows (and some that I know are favorites but that I personally don’t watch) down right now.




Betcha Missed Me May 3, 2009

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new_leaf_design__revised__logo_13-1-06You did, right?  Miss me?  I’ve been out of town for the past few days, but I returned today and after looking at what my fridge had to offer, I plopped down for some catch up with my BFF, DVR.  First up, the Duel.  The challenge was a triathlon sort of sitch, which they did while wearing oddly-eared bobble heads of themselves shaped like enormous lampshades.  But what happened in the downtime was bicuriously fantastic.  Hookups are alwasy aplenty on an MTV show, mostly because they go out of their way to cast people far better looking than the average population.  And this week was no different, with Rachel and Jenn having a reunification of sorts.  One that involved whispers, moans, and kissy noises.  Enough about that, you perverts!  I’m sure you would like to know who went home, if you don’t already.  Jenn faced Katie in a Duel and won.  And Nehemiah foolishly picked Evan, who (barely) beat him.  Now on to some other goodies…




Lost Traveled in Time April 22, 2009

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….to next week, when there will be a new episode.  This week’s is another craptastic summary.  Which are probably key to those of us trying to watch Lost, since you can become so easily confused.  However they still suck.  Next week’s episode is “The Variable” which is when Faraday finally discloses what he knows about the island, and his mother, Eloise Hawking, is back and I’m pretty sure we learn what the relationship is between her and Whidmore.  Some are speculating that the girl pictured in the photo to the left is actually a young Eloise.  Time for some answers!

One great place I would recommend you go if you’ve lost touch with the plot is Watch with Kristin on E! Online.  Here’s a link to her main Lost page, and since she gets to actually speak to stars of the show, the producers, and network insiders, she obviously knows far more than me about what’s coming up.


10 Television Shows YOU Should Own (or Rent) April 18, 2009


When there isn’t a show to blog about on the weekend, and I haven’t seen a movie to review, I am going to do what VH1 has exacerbated: a Top 10 list!  (They usually do Top 100 but I don’t have that kind of time, energy, or the need to tell you about 100 shows you should own on DVD). Here they are!

1.  Lost — this show is hella confusing but fascinating.  I personally began watching it after the first two seasons had already aired, and I got them through Netflix over Christmas break and was immediately hooked.  Because the plot is convoluted, and because so much happens in a single episode that you need to remember when moving on to the next, you almost have to watch it on DVD in order to figure out what’s going on.  Currently in its fifth season.

2.  Weeds — don’t start this until you can sit down to watch many episodes back to back.  Nancy Botwin is an adorable, recently-widowed mother of two involved in the marijuana trade.  Her friends are what makes this show hilarious, though.  Andy, Doug, Celia, Dean, Conrad, and the rest make it worth watching.  However, the cliffhangers between seasons will leave you dying to know what’s up next, so either rent or buy many seasons at once.  Season 5 debuts June 8th on Showtime.



I’m Lost on this Island April 15, 2009

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Lost is a show I wouldn’t typically blog about, but I almost need to do it this week for my own clarification.  This place never fails to confuse the bejesus out of me. I’m breaking it down to six sections.  Let’s see if you can keep up.  Shit, let’s see if I can keep up.

1.  Miles sees dead people.  I think we already knew that.  He cuts the feed on one of the cameras so that Sawyer can go look for fugitive Sayid, and he takes Kate with him to do so.  The weird dude with the long ponytail (come on people, I don’t remember their names) is bringing him into the circle of trust.  Is that like in Meet the Parents?  Is Miles going to get accused of smoking a bong next?  Oh, weird dude’s name is Horace.