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Real World Brooklyn Wraps Up April 1, 2009

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Real World: Brooklyn Cast

The 21st season, much like the 21st century, is upon us.  However, in the case of Real World: Brooklyn, it’s also over.  April Fool’s Day marked the last episode of the popular MTV show…for now.  But never fear, another couple of seasons are nearing with Real World: Cancun up next.

Brooklyn showed us some firsts.  1) The first time the cast wasn’t mandated to work, save for the hobbies and jobs they picked up on their own.  Chet, probably with help from the producers, auditioned for MTV.  Katelynn tried cage dancing, but didn’t get paid.  Scott flaunted his abs for money and then lent said money to said broke cage-dancer.  Katelynn also tried her hand at “pole” dancing on far too many occasions and far too scantily clad, even when the pole was a support beam at a family restaurant in Ryan’s hometown.  2) The first time the show featured 8 people rather than their tried-and-true seven.  3) The first time a transgendered individual marked the cast.  4) The first time that a housemate brought home a dog to reside in the house.  5) The first time that sewer rats turned white and miraculously crawled into the females’ beds.