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Bethenny & Season 3, More Housewives Dish August 4, 2009


Bethenny Frankel is someone that I used to be able to handle but I don’t love her anymore.  The biggest reason why is all the blogging she’s done about the other casts/seasons — I’ve tried reading a couple but she comes off as judgmental, harsh, and most of all, bitter.  Some of those things are what caused audiences to love her in the first place, but I’m the first to say that sometimes too much of a good thing is just that: too much.  My hubs was trying to tell me the other day that he read some article that her new pseudo-boyfriend is some type of fraud and isn’t actually an investor or in real estate or whatever it is that this guy supposedly does.  I don’t care enough to Google him, and that’s saying something because 20 minutes ago I tried to Google a Colorado Wildlife commercial to figure out what type of weird bird was featured in it. 




The Lost Footage Shows Us…Some Things July 10, 2009

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And by things I mean new reasons to hate Danielle and a look at the candid moments from some of the other wives.  I want to start by saying that this cast really injects “Housewife” more than any other season has.  In both Orange County and Atlanta, we have a bunch of women who seem entirely more focused on themselves, partying with the other housewives, and their “careers” than their husbands and children.  The one who pops to mind most specifically is Vicki and her “love meter” BS last season.  Until now, we’ve mostly seen the drama that goes on between the women, but not so much their children’s role in their lives.  Which makes it seem like the kids aren’t all that important.  This cast is worlds different.  Their families and homes are the most important thing to them, and it shows.  It’s nice to see a bit more depth of character.



Part 2 of Housewives Reunion: Sob Fest June 26, 2009

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So much crying, so little time.  This reunion still paled in comparison to that of Real Housewives of Atlanta (yes, it returns on July 30th so I must start hyping it up now).  No one threatened to choke another bitch out or flip a couch — or table — over.  I would give it a 6.5 on the Dram-o-meter. 


They focused more on each woman and breaking down her story, as well as watching where the feud between Danielle and Dina began.  While we don’t know what happened between them prior to the show, it’s clear that Danielle, at least, came in with a problem.  Over the course of the season, we saw plenty of Danielle saying nasty things about Dina to Jacqueline and the cameras, but not much vice versa.  Dina usually seemed to be responding to questions asked of her from behind the camera rather than constantly bringing it up on her own. 




Did I Call It or What? June 24, 2009

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Read this important briefing on the relationship that currently does not exist between Jacquelyn and Danielle.

On another note, no set of Housewives has EVER gotten an US Weekly cover before!  This is huuuuuuge!


NJ Reunion a Letdown June 23, 2009

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That new NY Prep show is on right now and this Jessie girl has a horrible lisp and her eyes are obnoxiously close together.  Can’t listen to her, must change channel.  I’m going to watch the ever-cutesy Tori and Dean.  Love them!  But on to another tangent…

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Part 1 was a huge disappointment.  Did they truly need to give that its own hour?  And now there’s another hour coming up?  You don’t have to worry, I’ll still watch it and everything but I probably don’t need to.  Or maybe they’re saving the more exciting stuff for Part 2?  We’ll see.



The Table Flip and Everything That Led to It June 16, 2009

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Even sweet Jacqueline gets angry!

Even sweet Jacqueline gets angry!

Well, without watching the show up to this point, if you chose to watch tonight’s finale and are confused about the events before, let me give you a brief rundown.  Danielle’s ex-husband wrote a book about her alleging all sorts of things, including that she was a prostitute and had a hand in kidnapping and abuse, as well as holding a person for ransom.  Danielle has admitted (until tonight) that she used to strip, but maintains she was not a prostie.  To start, I completely agree with Teresa that obviously something is amiss with the story.  I have a hard time understanding why her ex-husband would write a book that is mostly fiction.  However, that does not excuse Teresa’s table-throwing.



Right Around the Corner!

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Bravo TV has tweeted that the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale that premieres in 1.5 hours is “the best hour of television EVEERRR.”  And it looks like it will be — it’s the most excited I’ve ever been for a Real Housewives anything.  Although the reunion will probably be even better!  Stay tuned, I’m gonna be blogging my fool freaking hands off.