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NEW STUFF TONIGHT! September 23, 2009

I’m so glad that the time is finally here that all the shows I’ve been blogging about for the past few months have arrived.  Tonight is no exception, as a couple of things are on that I’ve been anticipating.


COUGAR TOWN — I’m gonna give it a shot.  Not sure if it’s a winner yet, but if not, it’s only 23 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. 


EASTWICK — Same deal.  I love Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle — her wardrobe was the best thing that show had going for it, and I wanted nearly every single thing she wore.  That aside, Rebecca Romijn still has some Mommy weight on (I think she began filming about 4-6 weeks after her twins were born) and it seems like the shows as a whole could be entertaining.  This one’s an hour, though, so prepare yourself for that.  I will of course record and zoom through commercials. 


DANCING WITH THE STARS — No, I’m not watching it this season, but I know enough to realize that the results show is this evening.  I didn’t think it was possible to extend the thing any longer, but they actually spread it into three nights for the premiere: Guy’s Night, Ladies’ Night, and Results Night.  Are you rooting for someone? 


As always, TOP CHEF LAS VEGAS is also on, and luckily Real World Cancun has ended so I have a week of freedom from MTV (until both The Hills and the new RW/RR Challenge begin next week).


Don’t forget to set your DVRs!


TONIGHT September 15, 2009

Premiere of Biggest Loser.  I don’t want to watch it but [ahem] a certain friend of mine is making me for the time being.  I’m just letting you know, though, if I’m not feeling it then I’m out.  I simply can’t waste time watching and writing about shows that I no longer love. 


That said, Project Runway is getting cut and I’m not picking up Dancing with the Stars this season because I think the cast is a bucket of crap. 


And don’t forget to watch Flipping Out tonight as well!  My only gripe with this season is that I love watching the home renovations and we’re not seeing much of that since Jeff is broke and can’t afford to buy the houses to flip anymore.


Dancing with the Stars Lineup August 17, 2009

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Notable names (for my generation): Macy Gray, Mya, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, Chuck Liddell, and Melissa Joan Hart.


Where’s Dean McDermott?  I thought he would have been a good contender!  The season starts Monday, Sept. 21 and I believe has a 3-day premiere.


Sooo Behind and it’s all Because of Dane Cook May 18, 2009





I wish I could say that Dane and I had a late-night rendezvous, causing me to miss many pertinent television programs.  And that’s kind of what happened, but not quite.  I saw Dane live last night and was too tired to watch the Desperate Housewives finale!  I’m trying to avoid the tv blogs today so I don’t accidentally find out what happened.   


So on top of DH, my DVR has on the roster: Dancing with the Stars finale, Bachelorette premiere, Gossip Girl finale, and a new Hills episode.  Just looked at poll on US Magazine’s website and based on the votes, Gilles and Shawn are the favorites to win DWTS;  Melissa had a mere 15% of the total.  Gossip Girl is my #1 priority, and Jillian will kick off the Bachelorette with 30 guys to choose from rather than the standard 25.  Basically, I have hours upon hours of tv to watch tonight, a husband to feed, and laundry to do.  How will I make it all work?!  May have to save Bachelorette for another night this week.  And tomorrow my soon-to-be favorite cast of Real Housewives (Joisey) will give me something to be thankful for — that I’m not related to Dina and Caroline by blood or marriage.  Bravorific: saw a promo for Top Chef Masters, beginning June 17!  Read on for Daisy of Love recap.




DWTS Semi Finals Competition May 11, 2009

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Ty MurrayWithout spending too much time describing the dancing abilities of our final four contestants — Melissa, Gilles, Shawn, and Ty — I want to briefly share my feelings and observations about them and the way I expect this competition to finish.

Melissa, who I much preferred over Molly to win Jason’s heart on the Bachelor, is cute and charming, but sometimes she seems a bit too self-involved with her facial expressions that scream “oh golly gee look what I’m doing did you ever think it possible I’m so much worse than everyone else…”  I don’t buy it.  Just show the confident side instead of the humble down-home Texas girl.  But you know what?  I like her.  So I’m going to devote my votes to her this evening.



DWTS Danced Their Way Down to Semi-finals May 5, 2009

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dancing460Ty said that when he did his hip motions for wife Jewel, he could tell that “Mommy like.”  Ty is hilarious, we need him around for the comedic factor.  I know that he isn’t the best, but he is by FAR the most entertaining and lovable of all the dancers.  Most of them seem rather snobbish, quite frankly.  And I don’t tolerate that monkey business here on my blog.

Dance Center with sports journalist Kenny Mayne, Len Goodman, and former DWTS contestant Jerry Rice was sooo funny.  The evaluation and critique along with stats on each dancer is a fun departure from the usually harsh judges’ table.  Kenny even did some impressive mental math for us.  Who knew that 3+2=5?!  Kenny’s lovely forehead jewels and what appears to be lip gloss and blush are putting even Ty’s spray tan to shame.  And all 3 with theirs shirts off?  Hot, as long as you’ve got a barf bag handy.



Separating the Winners from the Losers May 4, 2009

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0a-900-ballroom_dancingIt’s ballroom time bitches, and those of you who have been watching for a while know that the judges don’t mess around when it comes to the ballroom.  According to Mark Ballas, it is 2 dance weeks that separate winners from losers.  Mark and Shawn do a quickstep that even Len raves about.  Except that they somewhat broke the quickstep technical rules.  Carrie judged it her best dance ever.  Score: 27.  Her second dance is dramatic and requires her to be very serious.  I loved it.  But my heart (and vote) will be with Ty until he’s eliminated!  29, 56 for both.

When it’s Ty’s turn, we see him chilling out in a leopard print robe, which honestly was the highlight of my evening (oh and his dividends comment).  I can say that despite the fact that I haven’t seen but one couple dance.  It doesn’t get much funnier than picturing Ty at home in leopard.  Ooooh, and he’s exhibiting some Argentine flair tonight!  Bruno compared the dance to a Power Ranger (didn’t get it, not gonna lie), but Len loved.  25 score.  Ty’s second dance is a rumba, and I’m nervous for him.  The hip action is nothing short of hysterical.  I fear harsh critiques on this one, though.  He ended the dance with some specialty hip action and a kiss for his wife, Jewel.  This time Len called him a feather duster.  Where do they get these analogies?!  His combined score is 46.