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4th Rock of Love Seems Imminent and Necessary April 19, 2009

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The Rock of Love Bus stopped along the tour route today for a reunion, and it was less than satisfying or gratifying, but it was age-defying.  Bret’s hair keeps getting thicker and fuller with every season.  His lips looked poutier, and his stubble beard manlier.  That’s the age defying.  The stuff that wasn’t gratifying, well that was the lame fight between manly Natasha and Kelsey.  And the non-satisifaction tidbits?  Well, the fact that there was little to no indication that Taya is actually Bret’s Rock of Love.  Let’s run through a highlight reel:



Bret Michaels Gets His Tail April 12, 2009

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20070323-bret-michaels1Yeah, so you should have figured out by now that I watch really tragic television shows, and one of them is Bret Michaels Rock of Love Bus.  And I watched the first two seasons as well.

I’ve gotten to his and Mindy’s one on one date, where her dress is so short that I know I’m gonna get a crotch shot during their dance lesson.  Which I’m sure was Bret’s plan.  Poor Mindy is completely incapable of speech.  Their dinner date was uncomfortable but at least Mindy ate enough!  I love that she has prepared speech points tucked away in her purse but she doesn’t know how to bring that stuff up…so she’s going to read it off of a note card that she’s “the one for him”?!  Wow, that’s delightful.  Now I’m watching Taya have “romantic alone time with herself” and readying a bubble bath in a thong.  Ahhh, VH1 never fails to find me some ent-whore-tainment.