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Did You Know… October 15, 2009

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…that Leave it to Lamas had a season premiere of 2 million viewers?  Before you think your eyes have gone spotty and you’re reading things wrong, I repeat: 2 MILLION viewers. 


I’ve never heard anything so tragic in my whole life.  That followed The Girls Next Door, who got 2.2 million.  Somehow Gossip Girl only has a little over a million but those two piles of doodoo got over 2 million?  I give up.


Yikes, E! October 4, 2009

New show coming up on Oct. 11: Leave it to Lamas.


You may recall Shane Lamas, the contestant who won the heart of British Bachelor Matt in the London Calling season.  Or perhaps you know Lorenzo Lamas, the dumb jock Tom in Grease, Vince Black on Renegade, or more recently, Hector on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Well, their family got their own show.  Following the popular if not questionable antics of Keeping up with the Kardashians, E! has done it again (and they’re re-using the alliteration technique, too!)

I may not be able to resist.  You know I love the crappiest TV shows, and this one looks right up my alley!  Click HERE to see a trailer and visit the official page on the E! website.