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What’s On Tonight: Monday, 8/10 August 10, 2009

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In short, not much.  I’ll be finishing up some Shark Week shows and watching the last episode of S1D1 of Dexter. 


But I’ll quickly touch base on two great Sunday shows, Hung and Entourage.  Surprisingly, Hung has already been picked up for a second season.  Thomas Jane is adorable and this new Gemma character is… quirky, to say the least.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult for Tanya to reign supreme over the whole operation, and I can’t wait to see the effect that this has on his business.  Will Gemma want to continue dating him if he still has to make a living screwing other women for money?


Regarding Entourage, I cannot even describe in words how much Eric’s new girlfriend bothers me.  Let me list the ways: she looks and talks like she’s pre-pubescent.  She’s controlling while pretending not to be.  She’s not attractive, and most importantly, she’s not Sloan!  Eric needs to get it together, because who would be dating her if there was even an inkling of opportunity to be with Sloan?  I both like and dislike that the show has become more about the other characters than Vinnie, and I very much appreciate seeing a new side to Ari this season than his typical antics (though we see plenty of those as well).  Last but not least, having Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady on there was hilarious and Johnny’s outfit was ridiculous.


Sundays Are a Rough TV Day July 19, 2009

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The only thing that’s usually on that I blog about is Daisy of Love on Sundays.  And yesterday I had to break down and order HBO because I love Entourage and wanted to be able to watch the season live.  Also currently on HBO that I now have access to: TrueBlood, Hung, and Big Love.  I’ve dallied in the first and the last, but Hung is a newbie and I’ve been hearing great things about it.  Now on to Entourage: I’m really pulling for E and Sloan — and how cute are Jamie Lynn and Turtle, by the way?!

As a fan of The OC when it was on, and also a lover of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I’m thrilled to see Autumn Reeser show up not only as a new agent at Miller-Gold but also as the girlfriendEn of Gary Cole (who I’m pretty certain is married, Ari better not get any ideas).