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Locks of Love? In Atlanta, It’s Wigs for Wisdom. July 30, 2009

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With every season of Real Housewives, I find myself exclaiming, “Oh my God, these Housewives are the BEST franchise.”  Until another season starts, to which I again decide that ‘No, theeeeese ones are the best!’  And there’s a reason for that; because they’re each, in their own way, the very best.  Jersey has the best accents and the women who live up to the title of Housewife most appropriately, and they appear to have the most money.  Orange County has the most fake tits and most inappropriate attire for middle-aged women.  New York has Jill, who’s simply the best all on her own (I love me some Jill — even Bobby is the best).  And Atlanta is hands-down the best drama.

Now, Danielle brought drama.  As did Gretchen.  But each of the Hotlantas is really all about the drama.  Even Lisa, who I thought was immune.  But now she hates Kim.  And Sheree is over Kim.  And NeNe is the most willing to give Kim another shot, which means that NeNe has sure mellowed out since Season 1.



Dexter, Utter Drama Fabulosity July 27, 2009

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dexter1In case you weren’t aware, Dexter is one of the most compelling dramas to exist on TV in a very long time.  Not only does Michael C. Hall give homicidal rage the perfect warm-and-fuzzy vibe, he’s like a vigilante’s wet dream.  At this week’s Comic Con, some new footage for Season 4 premiered.  If you haven’t seen it, I can’t stress enough what an amazing show it is.  It’s worth the astronomical $20 per month that Showtime charges.  If you don’t want to spring for that, go rent a season through Netflix, watch it illegally online — I don’t care how you see it, just do!

Watch a preview reel for Dexter Season 4 HERE.  Season premiere: September 27.  After last season’s fabulous casting of  Jimmy Smits I thought they would have difficulty topping themselves, but John Lithgow promises to be an amazing addition as the most successful serial killer ever.  Dexter makes murder look so very appealing; almost like a good deed.