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What to Watch on Thanksgiving Day November 25, 2009

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…when you’re baking, of course, or not watching football.  For example, I watch while I am in the kitchen.  Until my husband takes over, that is.  Luckily, I was smart enough to schedule all kinds of goodies to record, or I own seasons of many shows that include a Thanksgiving episode.

Here are some of those gems:


1.  Friends Thanksgiving re-runs.  They’ve been airing all week so far, but at least a few are available to record tonight if you are able.  Here in Denver, the channels for it are TBS in the afternoon and CW late-night.


2.  Chuck — season 1, “Chuck Versus the Nemesis”.  Chuck and Ellie do Thanksgiving, along with some guests, Sarah’s ex returns, and Black Friday at the Buy More is an even bigger disaster than usual. 


3.  Gossip Girl — season 1, “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”.  The tension at the dinner table at the Humphrey house is likely to rival that of the upcoming T-Day episode set to air next Monday.  Plus, we get flashbacks to determine how those crazy kids came to be.


4.  Top Chef Thanksgiving Special — last year they aired this and I think it reruns tomorrow at something like 8am.  Maybe you’ll get some last-minute cooking ideas?


5.  Garfield’s Thanksgiving.  Now, this is a special one because I own the Garfield Holiday movie set.  Soooo while I may be fortunate enough to pop in a DVD, maybe it can be found on cable if you hunt around a bit.


Am I missing anything?  Are you a Charlie Brown fan?  Do you start watching Christmas movies on Turkey Day?  More power to you!  I don’t turn my nose up at anyone’s holiday traditions.  Whatever you watch and whomever you watch with, enjoy it!


Biggest Loser About to Leave Campus

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This week is the final week on campus. The people left are: Alan, Rudy, Liz, Danny, and annoying Amanda. Suzie Orman is here to visit…to talk about wealth and health. $147 billion dollars a year are spent on obesity related diseases. Everyone is having a one and one session with Suzie. Suzie is really playing into this- We go to the gym and there are 5 treadmills, they must answer the questions on the treadmill and will win $1000 every time they answer a question right. Have I mentioned I love Allison Sweeney? She is amazing.  How much do Americans spend on gastric bypass a year…..$4.4 billion!!!!!!! Alan takes home $4,000 which makes me happy- because he is the best.



Biggest Loser Makeover Week November 20, 2009

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It’s makeover week!  This is one of my favorite ‘episodes’ and they do it every season.
Everyone looks great- except…Amanda. She is just gross. She has only lost 48 pounds, which compared to everyone else on the show is pathetic.  They’ve all lost significant amounts of weight.  Liz has lost more than her. Rudy has lost over 100 pounds! Same with Danny!  The contestants each give inspirational speeches to a crowd of random people. I wonder how they find these groups. No one’s speech was that great…Rudy disclosed that he lost his sister to cancer…that was sad. They all struggle with food because of something traumatic in their lives.




Gossip Girl Daddies Return, Forces Unite!!!! November 15, 2009

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He's baaaaaaack

Well, last Thanksgiving Nate’s dad went to jail, and Dan’s dad is obviously alive and kicking and married to Lily.  So who does that leave?  Well, two other gentlemen be returnin’ and they are going to turn the town upside down.




Keeping Up with Khloe Kardashian-Odom November 12, 2009

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Not an easy feat since one day she’s single and 2 weeks later she’s engaged… to an LA Laker….and getting married in 9 days….but may not be legally married because the prenup isn’t finalized.



MTV = Mindless Television

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I doubt I originated that quip but it certainly is true.  You can easily zone out to The Hills, The City, and Real World Road Rules: The Ruins.  I can and I have so let’s talk about what’s happening on them!


On The Hills, dumb pretty Audrina decided that after last week’s meeting, Justin is clearly not over her and since we’ve always known that she isn’t over him, it seemed (to her) absolutely appropriate to have dinner with him and tell him they should get back together.  The only problem: Justin didn’t agree and insinuated that he’s still interested in Kristen since she “did something different to him”.  What, fingered his ass???  I bet Aud would do that for you, too, JB — you just need to ask! 


Then we have that dumbass Spencer, who decided he was so concerned that Heidi was going to get knocked up that he went to a vasectomy consultation.  He assumed it was totally reversible whenever he wanted it to be, but when the doctor told him they considered that to be permanent because a reversal doesn’t always work, he skedaddled the hell out of there.  When Heidi found out, though, she reminded him that he knew damn well she wanted babies when they got married so marrying her must have been a huge mistake.  His response: a loss for words, which almost never happens!




Week 9 of Biggest Loser

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Week 9….

Everyone is talking about their A game…..
Danny, Alan, Shay, Amanda, Rudy, Dan, Rebecca and Liz… Two players will be eliminated this week. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss…below the red line and that is automatic elimination. 3 people will fall below the ‘line’.

Pop Challenge: jumping up towards a wall with tennis balls, carrying the balls to your bucket. Amanda and Liz have to sit out…There has been a lot of people this season who have to sit out because of an injury. This is an intense challenge. Prize for pop challenge= 1 pound advantage at the weigh-in. Alan and Rebecca so close…Alan wins. I like Alan.  Alison is awesome. She is just such a good host. Amanda and Rebecca…walking around. Younger vs. Older. Danny and Liz walking around….they are both discussing the young vs. old. Amanda- ‘all i care about is my self, and my group of friends’ I basically hate this girl. She is so annoying!!! This is about people changing their lives, and becoming healthier. Although, the money- the game, the greed it gets to people. Maybe we are pre-disposed to this……Tracy is home that is time to CELEBRATE!