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Daisy of Love Crowns a Winner Sunday July 22, 2009

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I did take the time to watch tidbits from the clip show, and it sure didn’t make me feel any better about myself that I’ve seen a whole season’s worth of the silliness.  There was a great debate going on at my office last week about Daisy of Love vs. Rock of Love and some of the girls felt that Daisy of Love may very well be the trashiest television show in this horrific series of spinoffs.  I think the women on Rock of Love are far worse, however.  Especially this last season, Rock of Love Bus.

In case you didn’t know, it actually began with Flavor of Love, which turned into I Love New York and then Real Chance of Love.  Simultaneously, Rock of Love sprung up, going strong with 3 seasons under its belt and that funneled into Daisy of Love.  All these shows hybrid into I Love Money, Charm School, and now Megan Wants a Millionaire.  In being completely honest with you, I can say I’ve watched most of these programs.  I really do find them to be wildly entertaining.  I know they are insanely trashy — that’s what makes them fun.  When that woman shit on the floor on Flavor of Love, I nearly died.  It was one of the most hilarious moments I’ve ever witnessed on tv.  And I was at home, ogling my screen as history was made…reality history at least.

I digressed.  We’re focusing on Daisy.  Here’s my predictions.  VH1 never wants these things to stop after just one season.  They want to reel in an audience with the first and then shockingly reveal that it didn’t work out (at the reunion most likely) which will then lead to at least one more season as the person “truly looks for love.”  Guess what?  They are just as unlikely to find love here as on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.  How many of those have you seen working out after something like 20 seasons?  One or two.  Just because it airs on ABC doesn’t make the scenario of finding true love with one of 20-25 people any more realistic.  Finding love in six weeks on a reality tv show, no matter who the potential soul mates are, is implausible at best.

So, I think Daisy will pick 12 Pack.  He kisses her ass enough that it seems like a good match, whereas London steps on Daisy’s ego just a little too much, and Flex wasn’t a frontrunner to begin with.  He’ll go first out of the 3.  Then, at the reunion they’ll break up or already be broken up.  12 Pack may get his own show — he’s recognizable enough now after stints on I Love New York and I Love Money.  Daisy will probably go on to a second season.  And all will end well in the merry world of reality dating shows.  Don’t mess with a tried-and-true formula.


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