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A Theory on Dexter October 19, 2009

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If you are not caught up on Dexter as of the October 18th episode, I recommend you stop right now before reading this.  Because someone died, and I think I know who that someone’s killer was.  It was of serious debate at water cooler time for the past week, and now I’m going to share my theory with you all.


First off, the person who died was Lundy.  Deb was also shot.  And yes, in case you are wondering, it is certain that Lundy is dead.  There’s no chance of him making it.  This will leave Dexter to fight Trinity all by his lonesome, which is how it was meant to be anyway.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m devastated about Lundy — but it was only a matter of time before he figured out who Dexter was; after all, the man bumped into Trinity and recognized a “look” in his eyes that told him how crazy he is. 


So my theory being that the Honeymoon Murderer is that reporter that Quinn has been banging and giving secrets to.  From the beginning, something was off about her behavior.  And not just because she was writing the things that Quinn told her off the record.  My belief is that she is the Honeymoon Killer and that when Quinn told her that “Lundy thinks that this latest death is somehow tied to a string of other murders” she worked under the assumption that Lundy was on to her — rather than being on to Trinity.  Either way, she had the knowledge that Lundy knows his shit.


Here’s what else: because he and Deb were leaving a hotel late at night, and kissing in the parking lot, and because both were shot and he was robbed, it is now easy to blame the Honeymoon Murderer, when really two birds were killed w/ one stone: got Lundy out of the picture, and picked up some cash to boot.


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