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What to Watch on Thanksgiving Day November 25, 2009

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…when you’re baking, of course, or not watching football.  For example, I watch while I am in the kitchen.  Until my husband takes over, that is.  Luckily, I was smart enough to schedule all kinds of goodies to record, or I own seasons of many shows that include a Thanksgiving episode.

Here are some of those gems:


1.  Friends Thanksgiving re-runs.  They’ve been airing all week so far, but at least a few are available to record tonight if you are able.  Here in Denver, the channels for it are TBS in the afternoon and CW late-night.


2.  Chuck — season 1, “Chuck Versus the Nemesis”.  Chuck and Ellie do Thanksgiving, along with some guests, Sarah’s ex returns, and Black Friday at the Buy More is an even bigger disaster than usual. 


3.  Gossip Girl — season 1, “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”.  The tension at the dinner table at the Humphrey house is likely to rival that of the upcoming T-Day episode set to air next Monday.  Plus, we get flashbacks to determine how those crazy kids came to be.


4.  Top Chef Thanksgiving Special — last year they aired this and I think it reruns tomorrow at something like 8am.  Maybe you’ll get some last-minute cooking ideas?


5.  Garfield’s Thanksgiving.  Now, this is a special one because I own the Garfield Holiday movie set.  Soooo while I may be fortunate enough to pop in a DVD, maybe it can be found on cable if you hunt around a bit.


Am I missing anything?  Are you a Charlie Brown fan?  Do you start watching Christmas movies on Turkey Day?  More power to you!  I don’t turn my nose up at anyone’s holiday traditions.  Whatever you watch and whomever you watch with, enjoy it!


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  1. Courtney Says:

    hello- dvr diva?? what happened?? are you ok? still alive?

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