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What’s On Tonight: Tuesday, 8/4 August 4, 2009

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Well, it’s Shark Week on Discovery so quite a few things there.  I have several shows sitting on my DVR right now, plus some others being added: Great White Shark Uncaged, Prowling for Sharks in the Mediterranean, Shark Battlefield, Shark Attack, Mysteries of the Shark Coast, and so on.  We watched the Survivorman episode last night where Les Stroud counted down the top 5 most shark-infested waters and my husband asked me to guess what #1 would be.  For whatever reason, I guessed Florida.  He guessed Australia.  I fell asleep before seeing the end but he informed me today that Australia was second and Florida first.  It turns out I’m a secret shark genius.

Also on tonight is Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and it’s the much-touted (in the press at least) season finale.  So far we’ve had mom Candy accuse Tori of using her children for the sake of the show and sending in an RSVP that she would be at baby Stella’s first birthday party, which would also be her first introduction to the child.  Tori has really taken the high road and although she discusses issues with her mother on the show, she hasn’t written open letters to the press about their relationship, unlike her mother.  We already know Candy doesn’t show up, but you’ll get to see meager Tori’s heart get broken once more.  Despite all that nonsense, Tori and Dean appear to have a great, solid marriage and two freaking adorable children that I can’t get enough of.  Some might be in love with Stella, but right now my eyes are on Liam.  It’s been so fun to watch him grow up and come into a personality over the past few years and I hope we get the same opportunity with little Stella.

I’ve also heard that Miami Social is pretty delish, but I think I give Bravo enough of my viewership for the time being and in upcoming months it will only get worse with the premieres of Flipping Out, Top Chef Las Vegas, and Rachel Zoe Project.  I swore a while back that I wouldn’t invest myself in either NYC Prep or Miami Social and I’ve lived up to my word and not watched one single episode.  I’m proud because there isn’t much I say “no” to!

I’ve invested in the Blockbuster online rental service to catch my husband up on Dexter, which is truly a brilliant show and one of the few I think he’ll enjoy watching with me.  So far we only have It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office.

That’s what’s on my radar tonight!


Dexter, Utter Drama Fabulosity July 27, 2009

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dexter1In case you weren’t aware, Dexter is one of the most compelling dramas to exist on TV in a very long time.  Not only does Michael C. Hall give homicidal rage the perfect warm-and-fuzzy vibe, he’s like a vigilante’s wet dream.  At this week’s Comic Con, some new footage for Season 4 premiered.  If you haven’t seen it, I can’t stress enough what an amazing show it is.  It’s worth the astronomical $20 per month that Showtime charges.  If you don’t want to spring for that, go rent a season through Netflix, watch it illegally online — I don’t care how you see it, just do!

Watch a preview reel for Dexter Season 4 HERE.  Season premiere: September 27.  After last season’s fabulous casting of  Jimmy Smits I thought they would have difficulty topping themselves, but John Lithgow promises to be an amazing addition as the most successful serial killer ever.  Dexter makes murder look so very appealing; almost like a good deed.


Putting the Premieres Into One Post July 9, 2009

How does that sound?  I can’t keep bouncing back and forth talking about all the different networks and the offerings they will soon have for us, so I’m putting all MY shows (and some that I know are favorites but that I personally don’t watch) down right now.




10 Television Shows YOU Should Own (or Rent) April 18, 2009


When there isn’t a show to blog about on the weekend, and I haven’t seen a movie to review, I am going to do what VH1 has exacerbated: a Top 10 list!  (They usually do Top 100 but I don’t have that kind of time, energy, or the need to tell you about 100 shows you should own on DVD). Here they are!

1.  Lost — this show is hella confusing but fascinating.  I personally began watching it after the first two seasons had already aired, and I got them through Netflix over Christmas break and was immediately hooked.  Because the plot is convoluted, and because so much happens in a single episode that you need to remember when moving on to the next, you almost have to watch it on DVD in order to figure out what’s going on.  Currently in its fifth season.

2.  Weeds — don’t start this until you can sit down to watch many episodes back to back.  Nancy Botwin is an adorable, recently-widowed mother of two involved in the marijuana trade.  Her friends are what makes this show hilarious, though.  Andy, Doug, Celia, Dean, Conrad, and the rest make it worth watching.  However, the cliffhangers between seasons will leave you dying to know what’s up next, so either rent or buy many seasons at once.  Season 5 debuts June 8th on Showtime.