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Gossip Girl, Tame & Lame November 10, 2009

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Last night’s Gossip Girl involved way too much Jenny.  Thus, I saw far too much platinum weave and racoon eye makeup.  But enough about the girl who once played sweet little Cindy Lou Who in Jim Carrey’s version of The Grinch… let’s talk about the threesome!


Oh wait, why bother?  It was not the delicious juicy scandal that it was made out to be.  Parents these days — they’re not very bright.  What they don’t realize is that any kissing threesome their teenager sees on TV has more than likely also been seen by that kid in person.  Oh hell it may have even involved their kid.  So parents, if you’re reading this: BEWARE.  Your kids are not as naive as you think.  They’re just little sociopaths waiting for a chance to fully blossom.




A Hairless Kitty — And No, Not the Dirty Kind November 9, 2009

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All of the events of last night’s Brothers & Sisters led to the inevitable Samantha Jones moment.  Kitty’s hair was falling out, so she bit the bullet and shaved it.  And she looks very Sinead, right?  Except they did a piss-poor job making her “stubble” look anything near the hair color she had before she shaved it.  The upside: the dress she wore to Nora’s event was rocking.  I want it in several colors.  I just need to find it first, then rob a bank to pay for it.

Nora met a man, and he’s an oncologist, which seems like a great fit for her considering where she’s at in life right now.  And he’s super cute, too.  Although Nora’s neuroses have really started to get under my skin now that we’re on the 4th season.



Official I Hate Susan Meyer-Delfino Club

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Get in line here!


I’ve never been a big fan of Susan.  The big doe eyes and grasshopper-like legs don’t really do it for me.  So, here’s where things are on Wisteria Lane: after Angie filled Susan’s ear with doubt on what Katherine’s alibi was for the night of Julie’s strangling, Susan went to the cops.  They didn’t take her seriously, but a female detective from Susan’s high school days sort of did.  Well, enough to hear Susan out and then go befriend Katherine because of their mutual dislike.


As usual, Gaby stole the show with the homeschooling issues.  Just when you thought she just didn’t have the patience to do it, she goes and admits that it is ruining her relationship with Juanita and cries on Carlos’ tie — but mostly she cried about the fact that he wouldn’t let her keep the housekeeper.  Next week, she tries desperately to get Juanita into Catholic school.  Now, what the hell happened to their niece, Anna?  She has disappeared for the past couple of episodes. 



Oops, Dexter Killed an Innocent

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I totally saw that coming!  Dexter was not his usual self in last night’s episode, going off and killing someone without stalking them first to ensure they were the bad guy.  The photographer he beheaded (pretty brutal!) was too insistent until the end that he had not killed those models, and I believed him.  I kept yelling, “It’s his assistant!  It’s his assistant!” which confused my brother tremendously b/c he thought I was saying that Dexter was accidentally killing the assistant.


One theory at my water cooler this morning is that Trinity is definitely building that coffin for Dexter.  So they’re both on to one another and it’s really a battle of who swings the axe first.  Obviously my money’s on Dexter, but I’m not certain how he’s going to do the Trinity killing — will it be like his regular kills on the table with victim’s pictures hung up?  Or will he need to make it look like an accident?


Biggest Loser in the Capital November 4, 2009

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This week we are in Washington, D.C. the capital of the United States of America. I love Washington D.C. Its a beautiful city.  They will be lobbying congress about obesity in America..talking to members of Congress.

For the Pop challenge…The group has to get people to go workout at the Lincoln memorial with Bob and Jillian and wear their color sticker. The the group is forced to run around D.C. for an hour and find people who will support them.


Liz has the most people there….so she wins basically get out of jail free card (skip one) card. The music on this show is really getting ridiculous. Too emotional. Its like come on….  The challenge is to run a mile. Liz decides not to use her skip one card…..luckily she makes it into the first 6 people to finish the mile, so they can participate in the next part of the challenge.  Next challenge walking up and down the stairs in D.C. picking up pennies and walking them to the top of stairs and dumping it in a change counter. 3 people will be allowed to move on….the first three to fill up their tubes.Of course Liz uses her (skip one) Rebecca, Daniel, Rudy, Liz are participating in the next challenge which is a balancing challenge…holding a big yoga type ball. Rebecca and Rudy are the last two people….whoever wins this challenge get immunity…for the weigh-in. Rebecca and Rudy are going at it…and Rebecca is moving so quickly up and down on these steps. She is going so fast….She wins. Next day they are going inside the white house…now regardless of your political affliation I think it would be really cool to go inside the white house so much history! Bob and Amanda go walk around…and start talking about ways to not eat sweets… and the product plugs are getting annoying…..


So the biggest loser contestants go to the white house…and bob praises the white house for having their own garden which is where they get all their vegetables. The first garden since Roosevelt, which is really surprising to me! The contestants go to kitchen and start making food in the white house. It was very cool. They made beautiful salad all from the garden veggies. This episode we are spending way to much time watching them workout….great now we get to listen to Amanda and how pathetic she is. I can’t stand her…and Bob of course is being supportive and nice…which is annoying.  Basically we get to watch Amanda break some kind of emotional breakdown running a mile….because Bob is there by her side. She has a crush on Bob. I mean who wouldn’t do better with Bob pushing you lose weight…or Jillian? Now we are at the weigh-in at the Lincoln memorial.Rebecca has immunity. Shay is up next hoping she will go below 400 pounds big milestone she weighs in at 393! Tracy is next she loses 3 pounds….good I hope she goes home. Daniel starting at 272 remember when he was 400+ pounds. He loses 11 pounds…. which is good. Alan is next (I love Alan. He is awesome) you can just tell this guy is a good person. THE MUSIC is just so dramatic. He loses 9 pounds  safe from elimination. Danny is next. I like him, another good person. He loses 12 pounds, the men are just throwing up huge numbers. I think its great these people are losing weight, and it seems like really changing their lives. I hope Biggest Loser inspires people…I mean it should at least. Tracey is worried because she ‘doesn’t want to go home’ well guess what Tracey……….no one cares about you.


Rudy loses 9 pounds…which is good he is upset its not a double digit…he has lost 110 pounds in 8 weeks…I mean thats a lot of weight!!!! Liz the southern belle is next…she loses 3 pounds…I think Liz could go home and be fine…next up cry baby (amanda) the other idiot in the house….I’m sorry but this girl is ridiculous. I just can’t stand some of the attitudes these girls have. Its like…I understand you went through a lot in your life, and you eat…she loses 7 pounds-she should be losing so much more weight she is young!!!! her and Bob embrace blah blah…no one  cares


Liz and Tracey elimination….The votes are in: Tracey clearly goes home. She is excited to see her family…and crys and crys…She has lost so much weight, she looks like a different person. Of course the music….blah blah the triumph of it all. It seems like Jillian and Bob worked on her! Running an 11 min mile. She has lost 85 pounds. Good for her…even though she is annoying. Next week…..Drama. Welcome to Tuesday night Tv.


xoxoxo mini diva


Picking Up the Slack with Kristin Cavallari November 3, 2009

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I got in trouble from a fan for not writing more recently, so I need to try to get back in the swing of things.  Let’s start off with some of The Hills.


Justin was a creeper and showed up at K-Cav’s house to make her dinner unannounced after telling her he’d join her at Brody’s bday festivities and never arriving.  That was Strike 1.  Strike 2 nearly occurred last week when he joked that he wasn’t coming to her party in the ‘bu but it turned out he was just playing games.  All of this after he met up with Audrina to tell her how he could “never say anything had ever been as good as Audrina Patridge.  Ever.”  That clandestine rooftop meeting may come back to bite him this week when the ladies get into over him.  I don’t know what Kristin is talking about in saying she won’t put up with his shit the way Audrina did; you already are and it looks like you’ll continue to.  All in the name of good ratings, right?


Speaking of good ratings, Kristin isn’t pulling them in.  At all.  Despite her reported $90k per episode paycheck (that’s ok, LC was making $125k) the ratings have slipped considerably.  When asked about it, she said it’s not fair to pin them all on her and that it’s up to everyone to keep it interesting.  Well, it doesn’t quite work that way.  Because they’re seasoned showrunners and you’re brand-new, so you kind of need to prove what you’re getting paid for.  The element that has changed is Kristin taking Lauren’s place, so shouldn’t we assume viewers don’t like the switch?


Brody and Jayde are up to their usual nonsense, bickering constantly and getting in public brawls, which inevitably end in Jayde accusing Brody of being insensitive even though she’s doing far more shit-slinging than he is, and Brody storming off and telling anyone within earshot “I’m done.  I’m done.  I’m so over this shit.”  Then be done with it and get back with Kristin — she says you’re vanilla in bed after all.  Oh wait, that wasn’t a compliment?  Ooops!


Everyone is crying “Drunk” on Holly and trying to tell her she needs to go to rehab.  Steph would know since she’s already been there and — oh yeah — just got pulled over for her 2nd+ DUI in a couple of years.  Pot?  Kettle?  Black.


Dexter Updates: Vacation Killer, Holy Trinity November 2, 2009

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I feel so clever for coming up with that “Holy Trinity” quip since we’ve discovered that Arthur Mitchell is, in fact, a church-going man.  My friends and I have been bouncing a lot of theories around about this Lundy killing and who the Vacation Killer actually is.  Well, the Vacation Killer is Johnny Rose and that deadbeat girlfriend.  I was kinda thinking maybe they’d been set up, but they really did kill all those people and admitted to it. 


One recent theory that I kinda like was that Quinn was behind all of this.  He has a connection to Deb, so he wouldn’t want her dead.  But I can’t for the life of me strategize as to why he would want Lundy dead. 


I personally am still of the belief that the reporter is the shooter, and now that she’s trying to get Deb to give “her side of the story” maybe it’s just another case of blind ambition?  Do reporters shoot people to further their career?  We’ll find out.


What I know more than anything is that Trinity scares the holy bejeez out of me.  And I would like him to get killed right away, but I don’t think that’s happening next week, despite blood on the tip of Dexter’s axe.