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Biggest Loser About to Leave Campus November 25, 2009

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This week is the final week on campus. The people left are: Alan, Rudy, Liz, Danny, and annoying Amanda. Suzie Orman is here to visit…to talk about wealth and health. $147 billion dollars a year are spent on obesity related diseases. Everyone is having a one and one session with Suzie. Suzie is really playing into this- We go to the gym and there are 5 treadmills, they must answer the questions on the treadmill and will win $1000 every time they answer a question right. Have I mentioned I love Allison Sweeney? She is amazing.  How much do Americans spend on gastric bypass a year…..$4.4 billion!!!!!!! Alan takes home $4,000 which makes me happy- because he is the best.

Alan and Danny talk to Jillian about how ‘worried’ they are to go home. The product plugs on this show, are just silly…Amanda is worried and complaining about her being the ‘only one’ left. Saying Alan, Rudy, Liz, Danny won’t vote each other off….I will be very surprised if Liz ends up in the final four. Amanda is crying listening to Bob talk about it being the ‘last week’ I can’t stand her. Why is Bob crying over Amanda?  Why does Bob feel bad for her? Brown team is the last team standing which is great.

The challenge…. everyone is at a football field they are all wearing jerseys with the amount of weight they have lost on the ranch this far. They are required to carry the amount of weight they have lost each week.  Winner of this challenge goes to the Pro BOwl!  Plus, if you win the NFL will donate $5,000 of athletic equipment to a school of the winner’s choice. Alan wins the challenge!

To the weigh-in: Danny loses 16 pounds, Rudy loses 12 pounds, Alan loses 8 pounds, Liz loses 5 pounds..and  the most annoying…..Lets not forget her! Amanda she loses 7 pounds. So my beloved Alan, and stupid Liz are below the yellow line. “Liz and Alan’s fate is in my hands”- Amanda

Guess who Amanda votes home- Allan.  All in all, I’m really disappointed with this show.


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