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Biggest Loser Makeover Week November 20, 2009

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It’s makeover week!  This is one of my favorite ‘episodes’ and they do it every season.
Everyone looks great- except…Amanda. She is just gross. She has only lost 48 pounds, which compared to everyone else on the show is pathetic.  They’ve all lost significant amounts of weight.  Liz has lost more than her. Rudy has lost over 100 pounds! Same with Danny!  The contestants each give inspirational speeches to a crowd of random people. I wonder how they find these groups. No one’s speech was that great…Rudy disclosed that he lost his sister to cancer…that was sad. They all struggle with food because of something traumatic in their lives.


The challenge: Suspended from a zip line type thing- and you pull yourself across. Liz is really scared…and some are laughing about it. Rudy wins. Because everyone had their families in town they didn’t get to work out as much. I don’t think anyone is really worried about the weigh in. Now, this is the biggest BIGGEST LOSER ever. So, people are losing a lot of weight. Records are being broken every week! So everyone is expected to put up good numbers. 
Rudy, Danny, stupid Amanda throw up big numbers…Alan is a little low- Jillian praises Alan and says he a solid rock. Rebecca and Liz fall below the yellow line. Which makes me sad. I actually like Rebecca. I would have preferred Liz going home…but Rebecca gets sent home. I think that she could have gotten to the finals. I hope Amanda doesn’t make it. I’ll be irritated.
Rebecca looks great on the ‘how does this eliminated player look’.  The finale, as always, will be LIVE.  Which is awesome.  They get sent home I think a month before the finale? I never remember. This is a short post, because its already a day late. Sorry Folks.
Next week, we go back and see how contestants from former seasons look.
xoxo mini diva


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