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Gossip Girl Daddies Return, Forces Unite!!!! November 15, 2009

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He's baaaaaaack

Well, last Thanksgiving Nate’s dad went to jail, and Dan’s dad is obviously alive and kicking and married to Lily.  So who does that leave?  Well, two other gentlemen be returnin’ and they are going to turn the town upside down.


First off, hold onto your pants: Bart Bass is alive.  I read that he may have been forced to fake his death for some reason (helloooooo, mobsters, obviously!)  What will this mean for Lily?  Can she still be legally married to Rufus if she was never widowed?  And I know she’s wealthy from her own family, but she now owns half of Bass Industries, right???  I am super stoked to see where this one goes.  He’ll be back in a December episode in time for Christmas.


We’re obviously leading up to the return of Serena and Eric’s father.  I also read that Serena will be getting into a very bad car accident, so will he come back to be a donor?  Or on his own terms?  I’m still confused in seeing the return address of “Dr. Van der Woodsen” since I wasn’t aware he was a doctor…. and I am truly antsy trying to figure out who the hell is playing the part.  All I know is that I hope it’s someone from one of Josh Schwartz’s other shows (i.e. Gossip Girl or Chuck).


I am happy to see that there will again be a Thanksgiving episode, but it doesn’t air until the Monday after Turkey Day.  And since I specifically read that Bart is back in December in time for the holidays, that will make for an exciting Christmas ep as well!


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