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Week 9 of Biggest Loser November 12, 2009

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Week 9….

Everyone is talking about their A game…..
Danny, Alan, Shay, Amanda, Rudy, Dan, Rebecca and Liz… Two players will be eliminated this week. The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss…below the red line and that is automatic elimination. 3 people will fall below the ‘line’.

Pop Challenge: jumping up towards a wall with tennis balls, carrying the balls to your bucket. Amanda and Liz have to sit out…There has been a lot of people this season who have to sit out because of an injury. This is an intense challenge. Prize for pop challenge= 1 pound advantage at the weigh-in. Alan and Rebecca so close…Alan wins. I like Alan.  Alison is awesome. She is just such a good host. Amanda and Rebecca…walking around. Younger vs. Older. Danny and Liz walking around….they are both discussing the young vs. old. Amanda- ‘all i care about is my self, and my group of friends’ I basically hate this girl. She is so annoying!!! This is about people changing their lives, and becoming healthier. Although, the money- the game, the greed it gets to people. Maybe we are pre-disposed to this……Tracy is home that is time to CELEBRATE!


When they go and explain to Jillian and Bob…they are SHOCKED. There has NEVER been a red line in Biggest Loser History. Jillian fights for Shay. Jillian is worried for Shay…she is really concerned. Jillian is talking about Bob playing ‘God’. I wonder if they love each other secretly. They agree, some secret…they both agree Bob leaves the conversation with ‘I’ve got it’ ….got what? you guys are going to work harder for Shay? Bob is upset because 3 people will go below the line, and 2 people will go home. From 8 to 6. Shay is working SO HARD. Jillian just rides her. Jillian says it’s a matter of life and death…pushes Shay so hard. She is the one for the job. Jillian is YELLING at her saying she will go home- Bob and Jillian fight. They fight so HARD for everyone, and they know the tricks of working out and dieting.  Jillian is just so harsh sometimes but you know what maybe that is what some of these people need to break this addiction to food, and their feelings-


Rebecca cries saying that everyday is hard for her, is this girl depressed? stupid amanda…with her pep talk. Danny is now talking to Bob about losing his drive, all emotional talks this week. This week for the challenge they are jumping through hoops…The person who gets the 100 jumps’ (other people jumping in their hoops) is out. The person left wins immunity. They are just jumping in each others’ hoops. Liz needs immunity…393 pounds Shay…she is taking a serious body beating. Daniel and Amanda, Liz are out…Alan is now out. Danny Rudy, working against Rebecca. Rebecca is out…only person left is Shay. Shay is talking shit to Rudy. Wow. Shay is calling him out. Telling him he has no integrity. Shay is just talking shit to everyone calling them all out. Now Rudy is telling Shay she has no character. They are fighting….Shay is out. This is every intense….Danny is dying- guess who ends up with immunity….Rudy.


Oh my god, they are working out extra hours ….sneaking in bikes, and weight balls….into Shays room! They are basically cheating…but maybe not considering that the Biggest Loser ‘crew’ isnt stopping them. When the old sleep, the young WORKOUT!

Shay is the first to weigh in! she loses 17 pounds!!!!! She has lost 100 pounds on the show! This is amazing. She is the quickest woman to lose 100 pounds. Amanda the most annoying serious is left. Her legs are STILL huge. She loses 5 pounds pounds…I hope she falls below. Rebecca is up, she loses 10 pounds. Danny is next he loses 17 pounds!!! He is pumped. Bob said he knew that he was going to see great numbers….because of the red line and that is pushing people. Alan needs to of lost more than 10 pounds….he loses 10 pounds exactly. Liz loses 12 pounds! She is the oldest person on the ranch. Liz is leading the weighin…Shay is below the yellow line, and she loses 17 pounds and is still below the yellow line. So, two young people are under the yellow line..Daniel is left. He loses 5 pounds. He is below the red line, and has to leave the campus right away, everyone is crying and upset….The music is just so depressing, it causes emotion. He says goodbye to Jillian and Bob….and leaves…2 people to choose from Shay or Amanda. They better send Amanda HOME. Amanda hugs Bob, and Jillian and Shay hug….THE DRAMA!

Send home Amanda!!!!!! She is worthless. Get rid of her. No one is going to vote Shay off, if you do your just a bad person. Of course Amanda is crying and making everyone feel bad for her…but you have only lost 50 pounds and you have been there for 9 weeks! Come on. You haven’t fought, this girl has lost 50 pounds in 9 weeks……its not enough weight….not at this level. Where people are losing 100 pounds in 9 weeks, twice of what Amanda has lost. Rebecca, and Alan both vote for SHAY! This is horrible. Liz votes Amanda. This is up to Rudy. ….who is Rudy going to pick? Him and Shay got in a fight at the challenge…He votes for Shay. I’m shocked. This is horrible. Amanda the LOSER gets to stay. Orange team is gone.  Next week is makeover week. I am ready for this season to be over. Its annoying.

xoxo mini diva


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