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MTV = Mindless Television November 12, 2009

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I doubt I originated that quip but it certainly is true.  You can easily zone out to The Hills, The City, and Real World Road Rules: The Ruins.  I can and I have so let’s talk about what’s happening on them!


On The Hills, dumb pretty Audrina decided that after last week’s meeting, Justin is clearly not over her and since we’ve always known that she isn’t over him, it seemed (to her) absolutely appropriate to have dinner with him and tell him they should get back together.  The only problem: Justin didn’t agree and insinuated that he’s still interested in Kristen since she “did something different to him”.  What, fingered his ass???  I bet Aud would do that for you, too, JB — you just need to ask! 


Then we have that dumbass Spencer, who decided he was so concerned that Heidi was going to get knocked up that he went to a vasectomy consultation.  He assumed it was totally reversible whenever he wanted it to be, but when the doctor told him they considered that to be permanent because a reversal doesn’t always work, he skedaddled the hell out of there.  When Heidi found out, though, she reminded him that he knew damn well she wanted babies when they got married so marrying her must have been a huge mistake.  His response: a loss for words, which almost never happens!


Kristen and Jayde’s showdown was typical of some sloppy drunks, and Jayde does certainly seem to have a drinking problem.  She regularly puts down whole bottles of Jagermeister and throws drinks, glasses, and tantrums in every single episode.  Kristen and Brody had a lot of conversations about rekindling their romance, but it didn’t get far since Brody was already feeling guilty the next day, all the while proclaiming that he and Jayde will “never” get back together.  Pish!  Until next week, when Jayde tells him she misses him and wants to be together and Brody’s grin stretches ear to ear.  That’s pretty telling, and I see no reports that they have broken things off in real life.


Next week we also see Kristen getting a voice mail from JB saying he’s “getting back with Audrina”.  I guess he’s still playing the game! 


I missed The City (and by missed, I mean I napped through it) so I actually don’t have much to say about it except I did see that horribly awkward interaction between Olivia and Erin on their plane ride.  Good to know that’s what is happening up in First Class — I’ll stick to Coach thank you!


RW/RR The Ruins… there’s a challenge and no surprises, The Champions win again.  Their team is stacked with ripped guys, whereas The Challengers are loaded with scrawny women.  Afterwards, Johanna clearly needs to go in since she hasn’t faced off yet, and she picks Sarah at her team’s urging.  They need Casey to stay so she can continue causing her team to lose.  In The Ruins, Sarah is the winner and takes Johanna’s bank, which is a decent size.  Since darling Cohutta is sitting on about 18 grand, he is picked once again, this time by Darrell.  And he lost, leaving Darrell with $30,000 in his own account.  Poor Cohutta didn’t even seem to put up a fight, either.  Now only Brad and Dunbar are left. 


Next week, Darrell goes psycho on someone.  I paused and zoomed and rewound and paused some more, and I’m about 80% certain that the person he attacks is Dunbar.  Which likely means he’s going home and that the $30,000 will be absorbed somehow.  I don’t recall how that works.  Also, the team is still trying to offload Casey, and Brad is still stressing out about it.


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