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Dexter Updates: Vacation Killer, Holy Trinity November 2, 2009

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I feel so clever for coming up with that “Holy Trinity” quip since we’ve discovered that Arthur Mitchell is, in fact, a church-going man.  My friends and I have been bouncing a lot of theories around about this Lundy killing and who the Vacation Killer actually is.  Well, the Vacation Killer is Johnny Rose and that deadbeat girlfriend.  I was kinda thinking maybe they’d been set up, but they really did kill all those people and admitted to it. 


One recent theory that I kinda like was that Quinn was behind all of this.  He has a connection to Deb, so he wouldn’t want her dead.  But I can’t for the life of me strategize as to why he would want Lundy dead. 


I personally am still of the belief that the reporter is the shooter, and now that she’s trying to get Deb to give “her side of the story” maybe it’s just another case of blind ambition?  Do reporters shoot people to further their career?  We’ll find out.


What I know more than anything is that Trinity scares the holy bejeez out of me.  And I would like him to get killed right away, but I don’t think that’s happening next week, despite blood on the tip of Dexter’s axe.


One Response to “Dexter Updates: Vacation Killer, Holy Trinity”

  1. Brent Says:

    Diva! Come on girl you have been slacking I have only seen a couple posts in the past 3 weeks. Also Mini diva needs to update her biggest loser. Im dying here!

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