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Doozy of a Thursday September 21, 2009

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For whatever reason, I’m just now getting around to writing about last Thursday’s premiere night of both The Office and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Actually, I know why it took me this long.  I am hopelessly addicted to Friday Night Lights and I had a marathon session for the past 2 days, causing me to go into a football coma, unable to watch anything else until the first 2 seasons were complete and while I await the 3rd season discs in the mail.  That said, let’s focus on the other good stuff.


The Office.  [Sigh].  Pam and Jim are so cute it is nearly unbearable.  After Michael gets the rumor mill going and accidentally guesses the wrong secret about them (that Pam’s got a baby on board) they decided to admit it to the rest of the staff.  Meanwhile, Stanley got caught having an affair, the interns were tortured by Michael, and Andy freaked out when everyone thought he was gay.  Can you blame them — the sweater vests and a cappella singing are enough to convince anyone! 


The thing that I took the most notice of on Philly was how good Dee looks in a swimsuit — she has got a serious six-pack going.  For those of you who may be unaware, her and Mac are actually married in real life, as are Dennis and The Waitress.  The show was freaking hilarious, and more of what we’ve come to expect and cherish from the gang.  Their over-the-top and insane antics still catch me off guard — for example, Dee giving the potential surrogates pricing on the number of babies, and telling them that the real discounts come around 5 babies?  Now I must go use my battering ram and knock down someone’s door (from the inside).  I hope Vic Vinegar and Hugh Honey can help me out.


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