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What’s on Tonight: Thursday, 8/27 August 27, 2009

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It’s my favorite night of television until Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, and Desperate Housewives begin on Sunday, September 27 (that’s right, that means only one month to go). 

Tonight’s roster includes:


More fabulous guest stars (even though Lindsay Lohan wasn’t all that fab) will be gracing our screens soon.  Not sure if tonight is one of those nights but I look forward to finding out.  Kind of fun to travel back in time by 14 months and see Heidi pre-baby bump.  Must be hard to be the winner of this season and keep that secret for so long! 



All things Nene Leakes!  Lisa threatens to rip off Kim’s wig AND eyebrows!  Kandi writes a song “inspired” by Kim!  Nene and Lisa travel to LA to visit Lisa’s family!  The number of exclamation points should give it away; I am downright excited to cozy up to my television tonight with a full glass of Riesling.  I kind of promised my husband I’d make dinner but once that’s done I’ll be having a serious relationship with my flat screen.


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