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What’s on Tonight: Wednesday, 8/26 August 26, 2009

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The chefs continue scorching up the kitchen, and there’s big stuff to be won this season — they compete not only for immunity and prizes, but $10,000 casino chips to boot.  I have a feeling that things will only get more heated as the season goes on since a lot is at stake throughout the season and not just for the winner. 



I figured out why I write about this show — it’s because people like reading about it.  Generally I try to entertain the masses and obviously I prefer to write about shows I’m passionate about (which doesn’t include this one, I know it’s a surprise) but day after day this blog comes up on search hits for Real World.  Tonight we will witness a threesome between Jonna, Pat, and Ayiiia, I do believe.  Should be a real doozy of an episode.


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