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Gambling with Their Futures on Top Chef Las Vegas August 26, 2009

Filed under: Bravo,Cooking,Reality — thedogwoodtree @ 8:25 pm


The quickfire challenge tonight involved rolling the die and whatever number you roll is the amount of ingredients you get to use (excluding oil, salt, and pepper as options).  Michael V, one of the two brother competing against one another, wins.  His brother, unfortunately, is in the bottom 2.  Guest judge was Todd English. 


When the challenge itself is presented I am immediately annoyed by lezzie Ashley bemoaning the fact that 3 contestants are gay and have no rights to marry but have been asked to do essentially a wedding challenge.  This is a goddamn TV show where you’re competing for cash prizes and an opportunity to open your own restaurant — do we really have to take away from all of that while you bitch that you’re not allowed equal rights?  I understand the argument, I just don’t think it holds merit on a reality TV show like Top Chef Las Vegas.  It’s a cooking show, people.  Not a political platform.   


The challenge is to cater bachelor/bachelorette parties.  Female chefs cook for the bachelor party and the men for the bachelorette.  I think the women have a broader criteria to work with as the groom is not nearly as specific, but they are looking at partnering food with the couple’s 3 favorite shots: a grapefruit ginger beer combo, a tequila shot, and a “Golden Delicious” sweet one.  The gay man is put in charge of flowers, but I don’t see him complaining about it unlike the angry lesbian.  After hearing judge’s critiques, I’m putting my poker chips on the men.     


The team that wins doesn’t have to send anyone home.  Right away, you know the guys have it because Padma calls out four of them as the winning chefs.  Eli did a tuna tartar paired with Moscow Mule, Brian a play on chips and guacamole, Hector a tofu ceviche, and Michael a sorbet.  It comes down to the brothers and Brian wins, meaning between the two they swept the episode.   


Jessie’s in the bottom 2 again, and is criticized for a watered-down dish.  She was also bottom 2 last challenge and in the quickfire, so things aren’t going well for her.  Eve also did a shrimp dish that didn’t pair well with her shot and Preeti a tuna and eggplant with limp leaves underneath.  Ashley made one great dish but was ripped for making a second dish that wasn’t necessary and didn’t taste good.  Bottom line, one of the women is going home.  Surprisingly, it’s Eve and I thought Jessie was a no-brainer since she has yet to perform.  Eve’s dish must have been really bad.   


I look forward to wittling down the number of contestants to separate the great from the mediocre and seeing some more exciting stuff.  Let’s hope there is some drama to be had!


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