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What’s on Tonight: Monday 8/24 August 24, 2009

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Not looking so worse for the wear

Not looking so worse for the wear



You probably aren’t a Rachel Zoe fan.  I know I wasn’t before I watched an episode.  She used to style Nicole Richie back in the day, and there were all those nasty rumors that she encourages her clients to starve themselves.  She herself probably weighs 80 lbs. and has a concave chest.  Not to mention the fact that Perez Hilton despises her and regularly posts pictures announcing “Raisin Face” on his blog.  And so, okay, those things may or may not be true. 


What is true is that Zoe is chauffeured around L.A. and NYC with a giant Starbucks cup on hand at all times (she says it contains chai, I don’t know about that) and a perpetual pair of enormous sunglasses, zipping in to vintage stores and spending tens of thousands of dollars on goodies for herself which she then must hide from husband Rodger. 


What is also true is that if you’re in to fashion in general, particularly of the vintage variety since that is her specialty, then you will LOVE this show.  Rachel is quirky and has that “look” like she could be a biotch, but she has hilarious phrases and treats her staff (put-upon but cute Brad and the ghastly Taylor) like they’re her own children — constantly running interference while they squabble like obnoxious toddlers.   


She dresses Kate Beckinsale, Jen Garner, Molly Sims, and some other famous people, but don’t hold your breath — you won’t see them do any cameos.  This is basically for the people who want to live vicariously through shopaholic Zoe.  I highly advise you tune in and give it a chance, it will probably be very different than you expected.


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