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What’s on Tonight: Thursday, 8/13 August 13, 2009

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The only show that’s really on in general that I care about happens to be a Thursday program, and that’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.  But that will all change next week, because next week is what I have dubbed The Week of Bravo.  Next week is the premiere of Flipping Out, Top Chef Las Vegas, and Project Runway (no longer a Bravo show by technicality but I still consider it one).  Rachel Zoe and her new magically wrinkle-free face grace our screens one week from Monday on Aug. 24.  Once all of that comes to fruition, I will no longer have to bore you all with news about Ed and Jillian’s latest US Weekly cover-worthy scandal.


But for tonight we have Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I was surprised when a friend recently told me that the only RH she watches is Orange County.  They’re the worst!  Every cast but that one at least has one funny person on it, or sometimes several.  None of those bitches are funny, they’re just mean.  Plus the amount of Botox in their faces and collagen in their lips makes them look that much more mean.  I’ll watch them but that doesn’t mean I have to like it; I do it so I can relish in their discomfort and insecurities. 


Anywho, the fallout between Nene, Sheree, and Kim is coming to a head this evening and I will be posted up with popcorn enjoying the filth that is the Hotlanta housewives.  Speaking of, anyone who read the story about Lisa and Ed Hartwell getting evicted from their house but read Lisa’s rebuttal that she wasn’t evicted, it was a short-sell…what do we believe anymore?  These women have got serious housing troubles, and they’re the ones that throw thier money around the most!


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