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What’s on Tonight: Wednesday 8/12 August 12, 2009

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For the first time in a few days, I have a real answer to that question.  A couple of things, neither of which is really sparking my fancy but I’m going through serious withdrawals so this helps me come down easier.


Real World Cancun.  You know the drill.  8 strangers, live in a hotel, work together, play together, get down together, and throw temper tantrums together.  Last week, Joey went home.  It was both expected and unexpected because all it took was him missing an alarm clock.  Guess it’s not true that everything that happens in Mexico stays there.  Or is that Vegas?


Top Chef Masters.  Please immediately remove Kelly Choi or whatever her name is from television.  She cannot hostess, she looks like she doesn’t eat (not that Padma Lakshmi is much better but she has ZING!) and her personality reminds me of broccoli.  She’s politically correct and nutricious but boring and not in the slightest bit scrumptious. 


Other than that, I’m really enjoying my Dexter marathon.  Turns out my husband hates the show so he’s not watching with me after all but he isn’t easily engaged by anything that isn’t animated or 3-D.  Thus, he is the wrong audience and I will continue thoroughly relishing the show by myself.


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